Jingdong, Suning to buy a flat thin arms expansion and why Wanda household electrical appliance ente

is not in anxiety breakthrough on the fall in anxiety. For household appliances enterprises, in recent years, many retail distribution industry a lot of business practice, is worth learning and reference. That is the courage to toss, the courage to change, eager to break through, and ultimately can not be afraid to fail.

Since opening, the large retail sector capital movements, gave the market is still brewing a new round detonated outlet appliance industry has brought tension and oppressive force .

First, Jingdong has been discovered to spend 2.7 billion acquisition of Beijing Jade Palace was once the old five-star hotels, in Beijing's Zhongguancun as office space; then, it is Zhang Jindong, Suning will be disclosed in years, Suning has taken over Wanda department stores in 37 stores across the country; in addition, the last two years, once Wanda commercial real estate giant, has transferred nearly 20 domestic and foreign assets, including real estate projects and holding company shares, reducing total assets of nearly 170 billion, downsizing has become a cultural and other services the company.

whether it is Jingdong went to the big north from the south of Zhongguancun, Yizhuang great, bought Jade Palace to act as offices or Suning to buy hard assets department stores nationwide Wanda 37, the construction of large department stores; or in recent years, to accelerate the clean-up Wanda commercial real estate and other asset-heavy, turning operations management team and asset light output, the nature of distribution companies in different business behind the action are similar: in the era of sweeping changes, users face changing. For all businesses, in this new wave era, whether it is to treat their employees, or treat their users, should be treated equally, humility and love.

said, "Spring plumbing ducks." Behind the frequent moves of retail industry Jingdong, Suning and other enterprises, as well as subversive transformation action Wanda real estate companies, are a reflection of the continued transition to a market economy, the next upgrade the tide, more and more enterprises begin to create "multi-legged, multi a runway, "the new Structure to build" the east west light does not shine, "the new business landscape. One side is to create "endogenous growth system" to improve product strength, service force, promotions and brand power, strengthen steadily improve operational quality; the other side is in capital shares acquired even ecological alliance building with the "Extensive Power System "I began to seek joint development of a multi-front, multi-platform, looking for external growth momentum.

can be seen in the acquisition of other assets Suning Tesco department store while Wanda addition to the brand, but also startOrganizational restructuring move a new round of home appliances Group have been established, consumer electronics group, FMCG Group, the fashion department store group, Suning International Group, to promote specialization and refinement of business goods. Contact Prior to Jingdong Mall, Ali Baba and the Midea Group, Hisense Group, Changhong Group and many other business and organizational structure of the business, which can be see in one direction and one power: that is, by adjusting the internal organization of the enterprise, to form a new competitive and combat effectiveness; and then the flow is driven markets, commodities and segmentation of users, professional management change, eventually building to deal with the external market environment changes "ballast stone."

In recent years, relative to Jingdong, Ali, Suning and other commercial distribution companies, even such old Wanda real estate, change the speed of the appliance business, although it also increased and improved, but still belong to the "convergence of action small "," cross-border is weak ", as well as organizational structure, business ideas or to fine-tune the general fretting. As a result, this also resulted in the recent more than five years, although many household electrical appliance enterprises are shouting "revolution", "transformation", "upgrade", but the results are not obvious, and the "thunder, little rain." In essence, or appliances as a relatively traditional industry: Although the external environment is deteriorating, but did not touch the bottom line of corporate survival; internal operating performance of each business in general can not yet move and bones.

thus have to worry about in many household electrical appliance enterprises still have anxiety background, commercial retail enterprises have been no time and energy, but must be desperate gamble: on the one hand, to solve the internal driving force for development the problem is the source of confidence, not just blindly capital acquisitions, but also to build a competitive internal wolf team and morale; on the other hand, will have to cope with rapid changes in the external market, especially in many of the younger consumer groups, as well as habits and patterns. For example, Suning to in just a few years, adding more than 10,000 physical stores, whether it can be completed, for the team management ability and level of Forced has taken shape.

have to look at, whether it is commercial retail enterprises, or home appliance manufacturers in professional management team and organization behind the subdivision of the enterprise, must be brought more specialized market operations, the consequences finally formed is differentiated segments different user needs, in order to focus on "people to class together, things in groups," the law of the times, seek growth opportunities and overall development momentum in the market segments. Thus the entire manufacturing industry, not retailTo, in the user's hands and hearts.

turned upside down. The entire consumer market, is now the "three east, west three years," no hard and fast business structure, but no hard and fast industrial environment, companies are "the leading position three to five years." Therefore, anxiety, even stress, worry not solve any real problems for home appliances enterprises, in 2019 the starting point of this new era, in addition to external means of competition on product innovation, marketing, customer service, and accelerate change the pace; more importantly, also on the fundamental content management ideas, philosophy and so on, turned positive change.

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