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Sander won the bid Guizhou sewage treatment plant concession project Sander bid Guizhou sewage treatment plant concession project Sound Global announced that the company won the bid in April, Guizhou Province, China Huang County township sewage treatment works concession projects. The project is located in Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture Huang County, the construction investment by the company, a construction of three township sewage treatment plants, design capacity of 05,500 cubic meters per day. At the same time, the use of BOT plant and pipe network construction investment of BT, the project total investment of 56 million yuan, the concession period is 30 years. Sound Global Chairman Wen Yibo said the project is following the township sewage Xishui, Guizhou full coverage after the successful completion of the project signed a second bale Guizhou township sewage treatment project within two months, winning consecutive hit Guizhou Province township sewage treatment China in particular will bundle project in Guizhou province's water market have a significant positive effect, it is bound to accelerate the Sound Global market town in Guizhou layout and even the country.