Experts say PM2.5 harmful particles into the water will lead to water pollution

Fine particles, also known as granules, fine granules. Particle size less than 2 m in the atmosphere (sometimes less than 2.5μm, i.e. PM2.5) particulate matter (aerosol). Although only fine particles in the Earth's atmospheric composition poor fraction, but its visibility and air quality, etc. have a significant impact. Fine particulate matter smaller particle size, rich in a lot of toxic and hazardous substances and long residence time in the atmosphere, transmission distance, and thus a greater impact on human health and environmental quality of the atmosphere. Scientists represents the content of such particles per cubic meter of air with PM2.5, the higher the value, the more severe air pollution represents.
Some time ago, Beijing persistent fog and haze, PM2.5 obviously did not rise.
"PM2.5 harmful factor once with the rain falling to the ground, is not it also contaminate the soil and water it?" Some people call the hotline 96360 Xiaoxiang Morning News asked. Blue Dr. Weiguang
January 13, Sina microblogging real name certified as "part-time professor at the National University of Singapore, Singapore, Xiamen University Alumni Association" of the concerns on the microblogging said, PM2.5 is airborne ultra-small particles easily adsorbed enriched exhaust fumes of the benzene series, lead contamination. "When it rains, the force of gravity, so that the dust falling into rivers and lakes, resulting in micro-polluted water, in addition to water plants can not, proceeds homes of ordinary people."
that Elvis Blue, toxic air the final will be converted into toxic water, toxic water will be accumulated and enrichment of the human body, causing disease and cancer. "Proposal drinking water nanofiltration election, retained micro minerals while removing contaminated." Blue Weiguang said that almost all the principles of clean water used filter, but the filter word is very demanding, there is much. Select a different filter, the effect of the difference.
would have been a time to let the people of the pollution incident concerns about drinking water, now PM2.5 is not aggravated this concern? I do not know the water purifier can play an effective filter for this substance?