2013 battle pinnacle of the top ten brands of water purifiers

water purifier to enter the Chinese market three years old, three years is not long to say no, say short not short, rapid development of water purification industry, has reached thousands of water purifier brand, According to incomplete statistics, currently on the market water purifier brand as many as four thousand, of which about one thousand qualified. So many brands, also appeared in a water purifier rankings say, whether it is water purifier manufacturers to make sales gimmick, or a number of commercial websites for profit, in short, water purifiers top ten brands ranked by noisy vigorous. In fact, there is not an authoritative ranking of the top ten brands in China, each of which has all the hype purpose, so the network spread water purifier ranking many versions, different opinions, and even some version ranked first water purifier brand is just a small company registered less than a week, really makes people ridiculous.
water purification industry for many years engaged in small series, small series can not help but want to come row in a row Ten Powers water purifier industry, only small series of personal views.
1, Quan Lu, Lu is not the first spring water purifier brand, but it is definitely the fastest growing brand in the industry. Shenzhen most powerful brand strength, regardless of industry visibility, reputation, or authorized dealers in the industry and beauty make up the most extensive propaganda of water purifier brand, led the development of the industry, and its current factory area in the industry, at least in Guangdong it is definitely the biggest.
2, net of the spring, old; brand names, such as, a source of purified water.
3, power source, in 2008 the brand has been low-key into the market, but the market is doing booming, especially after 13 years VI upgrade, is surging.
4 liters, ultrafiltration brand; remained true, persistent and sometimes make you successful.
5, the United States, cross-brand, not much elaboration.
6, Li Yuen, ten years of the brand, the industry recognized the "Huangpu Military Academy clean water", the strength, but in fact clutter market operations, it ranked sixth.
7, nine positive Soymilk is his strong suit, choose a water purifier is not good to put down.
8, Haier, water purifier industry newly arrived aristocrat, in the end will be, can only wait and see.
9, can open, pipe machine class has certain advantages, the industry has also been recognized.
10, Patio, enter "Patio quality" keyword in Baidu know, but I comment.