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The seriousness of water pollution, water pollution of the seriousness of the importance of water purifiers, water purifiers importance in recent years, water pollution incidents occur frequently on the recent pollution incident: Wuhan water pollution incidents for instance, 2012 February 27, due to the port canal organize, contamination to the water, source water pollution load exceeds the capacity of purifying water, causing the water smell, many people reflect that after water gargle, hemp tongue is not dare to cook with water, shampoo bath, and the daily lives of the people caused great impact. After the Wuhan water pollution incident, many businesses spotted business opportunities, promote water purifier, water purifier hot for a time, prices also rose a lot. Many businesses in order to cater to consumer psychology, the big fuss in the water purifier "safe drinking water" and "super-purification capacity," there have been many false propaganda, the price of water purification machines, there have been a large span, the most expensive up to 3999, is also the most expensive 300 yuan. As the water purifier is only in recent years to enter the market in a growth stage, all aspects of the management system is not perfect, leading to confusion in the market, no-name bunch, when making choices for consumers caused some impact. Some unscrupulous businessmen in pursuit of profit, find some small manufacturers OEM production, poor product quality seriously substandard, after the brand-name label affixed, have been transformed price multiplied several-fold, seriously infringed the interests of consumers. Although the 315 is over, but we will not forget the spirit of 315, to ensure sustainable development is only the integrity of the enterprise, Han Shi environmentally friendly water purification machines since its inception in 2006, always put consumers first, hard to do the product The net is a good core feeling. Let us join hands, Gongzhu integrity, I believe that a better tomorrow water purifier.