Where is the US headquarters in water purifier-

How to join the US water purifier? What the United States to join the water purifier is the process? US water purifier how much it cost to join? Would like to join the US water purifier, you can go visit the headquarters, where the headquarters address? Affiliate knowledge franchisee can not be ignored is that the United States would like to join the US water purifier water purifier items, take a look below. (Source: US water purification organ network, invasion deleted) US water purifier Join Basic information Basic investment: the number of stores within 100 000: 100 the following brand names: beautiful water purifier brand was founded: 2000 joined the agency areas: National for the crowd: their own businesses (source: US water purification organ network, invasion deleted) US water purifier join policy 1, brand licensing and use: get brand franchise in the proxy area, and with the promotion of enterprises to enhance the impact of shops and appeal. 2, regional protection: no cross-business area reset. 3, store brand: standard store design renovation program, terminal form a unified brand image. 4, business counseling training: to provide franchisees shopping guide, business, service training. 5, store operations management support: provides leading support business strategy and market management storefront. US water purifier Rating Nickname: anonymous beauty brand has been like, home appliances are basically brand nickname: anonymous style is very beautiful, very intimate service, Bang Bang da Nickname: anonymous good quality! good reputation! Good quality Nickname: how to evaluate anonymous have beautiful water purifier business do mass consumers of beauty water purifier Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province in the Southeast? I believe we evaluate reputation from consumers of a certain understanding. (Source: US water purification organ network, invasion deleted) above is a simple introduction to the beauty of the water purifier to join the project, would like to know more join the policy of the US water purifier, please leave a message online, call us or visit the Company visit ! Address: Shunde Beijiao United States of 6th Avenue, Guangdong Province, the US headquarters building