What errors have to buy water purifiers- do you know

The role of the water purifier is a water filtration and purification, the present apparatus comprises a filter principle: PP cotton (polypropylene resin as raw material) was filtered, active carbon filtration, KDF (copper-zinc alloy) filter, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membrane filtration Wait. ≠ health of the water of safe water is an important element of the human body, 70% of body weight is water. From life support and physical health, in addition to "oxygen", "Water" is more important than "food", people need to drink at least 2500 ml of healthy water every day. Every morning, the tap is opened, if an yellow sewage effluent, which is the second metal contamination in the water flowing in the pipe produced. In order to ensure health and safety standards of tap water, often serving to improve the dosage of chlorine in tap water, the water treatment plant by water, though already meet the "safe water" standards, but water also contains chlorine, may also be due to metal pipes and secondary excessive heavy metals, etc. may result in the water supply, will have some impact on the human body. Look at the environment around us live! Once clear river where to go? Which river, our father would be willing to take their children to learn to swim there? Which is a river, our mother would dare about the next-door neighbors together to do the laundry? with industrial development, our source water pollution has been more and more, streams, ditches even more frightening is the issue of the stench. This water, we dare to drink it? Safety is the right to life of every citizen deserves, but healthy life of every citizen is the goal. Water purifier market in recent years Why would occupy and to get a promotion because of serious water pollution, water purifiers really improved the quality of life that water purifier in the end what are the benefits of our lives Health sentence:?!? Improve tap water, you can drink straight; bottled water alternative, cheaper and more hygienic. We can put a water wash with a small water purifier! Let our children from now on good health drink water, let the water returning to the good old drink, let the hustle and bustle of our own prosperity in the city after the dust can also enjoy a glass of spring as well as the water can also enjoy mountain spring water bathing experience. (Photo Source: integrated network, intrusion deleted)