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We drink good water we drink good water 7:00 alarm goes off, you used to get up after the first cup of water, a good start to the day. Hard end of the day, you have got used to bathe eliminate the day's fatigue. We totally rely on water to nourish life. EPA sample testing of drinking water, water for the whole of China failed only 0.46%, you can access, click on the water quality of the area you live, of course, do not see anything, because almost all qualified. But research over the years have found that the proportion of households in the country use water purifier over half. There have been letters to the editor asked, "health", how to buy a water purifier. "Water" disease, gastroenteritis cases are not the world's drinking water pathogenic endless. Over the past 16 years, the United States and Europe have more than one thousand cases of infection, which in 1993 Wisconsin Milwaukee Cryptosporidium most well-known event, when a total of 40 million people are infected, 4,000 hospitalizations and 100 deaths. Pathogenic protozoa, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia epidemic lamblia be caused, at least 20 times that of conventional pathogens (e.g. E. coli) is. 2002 Taipei lack of water, the water district in turn, result in more than water pollution incident, thousands of people became very sick, and it is this water-borne disease. Water from source to tap your home from water, hydraulic conductivity, water to bottled water, lengthy process, heartless, this could be a "bad water cycle." Environmental Engineering Research Institute points out, water conservation, water purification technology to enhance, improve water distribution pipeline, is to ensure that water quality conditions. But the water continued destruction of various development reclamation, making the water company to obtain the raw water quality is deteriorating, organic matter contained in them year after year, forcing increasing the amount of chlorine water purification plants, old, ruptured pipeline could also be harmful plumbing, delivered to your home pool, water tower, because of neglect cleaning secondary pollution.