Drinking quality problems the seller refused to close down the manufacturers responsible for

to buy half of the drinking quality problems, the merchant had promised to return, but the seller has refused to close down the manufacturers responsible. In this regard, the Consumers Association official said, the quality of goods is based on "who is who is responsible for business" principle, even if the manufacturers can not find it, vendors but also for consumers to buy the product.

a month ago, the people in the city she had got a business to buy a certain brand of water dispenser, when business commitment, product quality problems can occur within three months replacement, and written on sales receipts. But it had got just use half a month, there have been leaking drinking problem. In this regard, businesses that have closed down the water dispenser brands, now want a replacement is not possible. It had got its complaints to the Consumers Association, and eventually through mediation, merchants agreed to give Ms. Zhou is replaced with another brand of products.

In this regard, the Consumers Association official said, dealing with such issues, in accordance with the general principle of "Who's Who is responsible for sales" to deal with. Business-to-consumers make the "three guarantees" commitment is legally protected, the seller refused to manufacturers does not exist liable for violations of the Consumer Protection Law, so the above cases the seller should take full responsibility. At the same time, it reminds consumers that for some electronics products, because of its "three guarantees" long term, we must take good care of consumer credentials, if there are problems, in order to achieve effective rights.