Selection of high-quality water purifier Note that this is a good way to four details

In the case of water pollution trend is difficult to effectively control the rapid growth of hidden behind the water purifier market is also cause for concern, such as: the production process backward, low quality accessories, perfect after-sales service and other issues. (Source: Department of Water Purifier permanent public number, invasion deleted) In fact, water purifier manufacturers should regulate the internal management, improve production technology, improve product quality. However, the water purifier market by selling most of it is not assured. Attention of the news media, we can often see the quality, installation and other issues regarding water purifier products, these products are neither bad health give consumers bring drinking water, but has brought worries to life. Yong Hui water purification professionals through the comprehensive analysis of the entire industry market, summed up the presence of water purifier market consumption problem, Yong feces cloud water machine to remind consumers of the following four details :( Source: Department of clean water forever is the public number, invasion deleted) 1, play the "pseudo-green" banner promoting the concept of "low carbon, green" has become an inevitable demand of the times, water purifier industry is no exception, have played a "low-carbon, green" banner. But in fact, the Bureau of Quality Supervision sampling process problems found some brands, product quality, mainly arsenic exceeded, which also contains a lot of foreign brands. 2, often of poor quality "follow suit" every industry attract opportunistic manipulator in the glorious stage will be "fishing for money", mainly in the hands and feet on the material, fake and shoddy, shoddy, there is a serious quality problem of the product itself , water industry is no exception. In the current rapid growth of the industry, herd also a large number of brands, Yong Hui advised consumers: to choose and have the strength to complete qualification documents of brand purchase, after-sales service is also guaranteed. (Source: Department of Water Purifier permanent public number, invasion deleted)