Ho Chak Drinking water purifier settled Dr. glasses headquarters in Shenzhen

Whether or office services everyday life, always inseparable from drinking water, healthy drinking water as a basic requirement of life, has attracted more and more attention, many companies also attention from the safe drinking water. Recently, Dr. glasses in order to provide a safer, healthier drinking water for employees at the head office installed Ho Chak Drinking water purifier.

Dr. glasses is engaged in the optical retail chain enterprises, domestic sales volume, number of stores, one of the leading eyewear retail chains. It is reported that as of December 2016, Dr. glasses with more than 300 direct chain stores, business outlets in over 20 large and medium cities of Shenzhen, Nanchang, Beijing, Guangzhou, covering 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. March 15, 2017 morning, Dr. glasses Chain Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM officially listed. As a big brand retail glasses, to all employees of the company to provide higher quality office environment reflects the corporate care for employees, it has also been advocated by Dr. glasses idea.

1 浩泽直饮净水器入驻博士眼镜深圳总部

Ho Chak After Drinking water purifier installation, office employees can use after the purification "hot" cup of coffee or tea drinking, compared with tap water burn water, the system of the ho Chak water purifier drinking straight water is not only more safety and health, taste the water quality is also very good.


Ho Chak As the only Hong Kong-listed water purification business, independent research and development effort has always been, and technical cooperation with Zhejiang University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, set up a joint research laboratory. An international leader in water purification technology APO + security, in the traditional adsorption, after filtration, the water will be adding to the Ozone (O3) activation of water molecules, increase dissolved oxygen in water, really effectively prevent "secondary pollution" to ensure entry water safety and health.

In addition, Ho Ze further includes a "cloud water purification technology" can be full-period monitoring of water quality and safety, the motion detection supplies filter consumption values ??and other functions. Meanwhile, Ho Chak first in the industry to establish a 365 * 24 24/7/365 service model, has a strong self service team, service network covering the whole country over more than 1,300 cities, counties and towns.


Not only that, today, Ho Chak held in Shanghai, "the core definition of Drinking water purifier" 2017 Ho Chak new conference, at the same time, disruptive innovation "black technology" smart water chipsOpened a mysterious veil, innovative water-chip integrated integrated design, can save 80% of the number of water connections and PE pipes, reducing the risk of leakage to 0.000001%; ??has a unique anti-counterfeiting black cartridge technology, filter before installation can automatically identify the true false, and buy the filter accurately identify users and distribution channels; users can independently replace the filter, built-in filter easy to install, eliminate the environmental problems caused by traditional plastic shell of the filter abandoned; faucet with intelligent, real-time display of water quality index before and after purification, but also via Bluetooth , WIFI and a phone connection, remote control; appearance can be achieved while protecting the shell private customized to meet the needs of consumers seeking quality and personalized, leading the new trend of personalized custom water purification.

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