How to choose the ideal water purifiers liters of water purifiers teach you purchase law

As we improve the quality of life, many people have realized healthy drinking water, the importance of water, have been installed in the home water purification products, which uses membrane technology liters of water purifier brand is market sales of very good products. But when it comes to the application of membrane technology, in fact, it is what the last 20 years. Ultrafiltration membrane is a consistent, reproducible pore size, the nominal pore size range of 0.01 micron microporous filtration membrane. On one side of the membrane subjected to an appropriate pressure, it can be screened out solute molecules smaller than the pore size to separate the molecular weights greater than 500 Daltons (atomic mass units), a particle size greater than 10 nanometers. Because of this characteristic, an ultrafiltration membrane can effectively filter impurities in the water and secondary pollutants while able to retain trace elements and minerals needed by the body, so it is suitable for use in the water purifier.


In addition, membrane technology offers high filtration accuracy, mechanical strength, longer life, high dirt capacity, the advantages of stable performance, so this technique has been sought after by many manufacturers. But long ultrafiltration membrane price is relatively expensive, so when consumers want to buy the use of membrane technology in water purification products, high cost has become a hindrance. However liters After years of arduous research and development, has finally launched a cost-effective plastic PVC membrane, this revolutionary developments completely changed because of the high cost of household water purifiers ultrafiltration membrane technology can not be used in the embarrassing situation , standing liter ultrafiltration membrane technology is also included in the national to the "15" plan scientific and technological projects.


in solving the problem of the high cost of membrane technology, the liter retaining all the advantages of membrane technology, membrane technology and therefore also to become a water purifier to buy one of the criteria. A good water purifier should have the following characteristics:

1, the water purifier itself excellent filtering technique to be used;

2, the water purifier should be large enough to family simultaneously satisfy the needs of daily water, including washing, bathing and drinking;

3, water purifier can effectively remove the need colloids, bacteria and other impurities in the water, filtered water to meet the state of drinking water standard;

4, filtered water is also needed to retain a variety of essential minerals and trace elements;

5, does not cause secondary pollution, filter life long enough .

To achieve the above five points at the same time is an ideal home water purifier. Membrane technology using PVC liter water purifier can fully meet these requirements.


In addition to the domestic water purifier market was fully recognized outside liters of water purifiers ultrafiltration membrane technology was accompanied by Japan and other developed countries affirmed. Before liters of water purifier has passed the test of Japan's fresh water bodies of authority, it was identified as the Japanese counterparts the world's best performance of the membrane, in terms of performance and quality have reached a very good level. Currently liters of water purifier has provided clean water solutions for the Shanghai World Expo, sea fishing and other large-scale exhibition and businesses, its advanced technology, reliable and stable quality won the praise of domestic and foreign professional organizations and users.

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