How different sectors of the industry chain enterprises to solve problems caused by the epidemic-

at the time of widespread public panic and immersed in the epidemic is "off-limits" of boredom, frustration and more suffering is delayed resumption of bosses, each extra day the epidemic, reduce corporate cash flow is more a minute.

costs of rent, staff salaries only visible short-term consumption, and deeper, worried because of the economic downturn in consumer desire to bring the freezing point.

For consumer reflux is usually in terms of home business after the Lantern Festival, the impact of the epidemic What? Reporters look for the manufacturers, construction companies, marketing channels, online platform distribution unit.

We found that the impact of the epidemic of domestic industry, not only in the short-term staff salaries and rental costs, but also because of a long-term economic cycles.

On the one hand, many consumers outbreak of the delayed renovation needs, demands accordingly furniture products and services purchased will be postponed. Some even determine, the epidemic led to some SMEs are facing a crisis of survival, some people will unemployment or reduced income, thereby affecting the renovation decisions, such as purchasing power.

On the other hand, extended leave so that consumers have more time online browsing and selection of products, will produce a higher quality of life at home to pursue, once the end of the epidemic, will usher in a wave of demand high.

Multi-store rent-free

dealers under the weight of obtaining respite

January 27, the State Council issued a notice on the extension of the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday, the return to work time to adjust from the original January 31 to February 3.

earlier than the official notification, whether qualified enterprises at home sound discuss office, the official final word, the provinces have issued a notice to extend the holiday.

As the crowd gathered to shopping centers and stores, is an important place epidemic prevention and control of the spread and affected by the epidemic, many stores have announced the postponement of the resumption of trading time.

January 28, Wanda Group announced that Wanda Plaza will be exempt from all business all over the country one month's rent and property costs, is expected to reduce the amount of up to 30-40 billion.

home industry is the first industry leader to take action, Redstar announced that on January 29, to be exempt from import and home shopping MeikailongRent one month's rent, the news came out, people praised the sound scraper home circle of friends. Since then, more than a dozen stores to respond quickly, sync announced reduction of rent, a total anti-epidemic.

According to incomplete statistics, at present publicly said it would implement different levels of rent relief merchant home stores are: Yantai-Mart home, Rakuten Golden Harvest Home, Qingdao Weng home shopping, home day US Lele, Jane Eyre home, Bo imperial household, the Louvre, Xi'an Daming Palace and so on.

rent-free for dealers is undoubtedly good news, but the delay also means that the business is not a small loss, which most people still remain relatively positive attitude.

Chengdu, a furniture brand dealers that "just need furniture products, the impact of the epidemic on sales data might have to make up in the subsequent months."

there are dealers for not open for business the situation made the appropriate adjustments, customer contact through micro letter, telephone, etc., to provide product advice, to be opened backward store experience.

Kunming, a dealer said, "2020 has been the battle started, reasons and excuses not necessarily work in a fixed time and place, not as the epidemic is not under the cover of the epidemic, or outbreak has ended not ready, our business would end with the epidemic together. "

started fear clusters of disease

production enterprises are facing the risk of default

" I do not know how to do a factory thousands of people ah, one by one investigation into the plant. "

January 27, the State Council to extend the vacation notice just issued, a person in charge of furniture manufacturing enterprises to show their concerns in conversation .

Recently, the online circulation of the work schedule for Internet companies to adjust to deal with the epidemic, the number of enterprises will return to the staff time to adjust to the post after February 10.

The most eye-byte Bo beating the field directly to the employee's return to the post time relaxed to 27 February.

Most Internet companies have off-site office conditions, but for many manufacturers, return to work late one day means a huge cost to pay.

furniture production is already relatively mature industry, factory workers are mostly fixed employment, production does not return to work, hundreds or even thousands of wages, social security for businesses is a huge sum of expenditure, not counting device , factories and other hiddenCosts, this expenditure has brought a heavy burden on enterprises.

facing such a severe epidemic, the feasibility of the plant started very low.

thousands of factory workers from all over the back post, one investigation difficult job, besides asymptomatic patients or in terms of latency, in this way it is difficult to gain practical effect.

"We have a group of pre-holiday rush of the list, scheduled for January 28 to work overtime working towards some workers returned to the manufacturer, but the epidemic a plan to cancel." A manufacturer of sanitary official said , the epidemic has affected the delivery of orders, it has begun negotiations with the partners, although it may face the risk of default, but the epidemic is still in front of safety first.

a furniture company in charge of foreign trade, he said: Overseas orders are already a good sign, but now the workers can not be returned to the manufacturer, the product can not be delivered, the majority of overseas customers to understand the situation in China will be represented the most difficult task is to work orders, schedule delay would be more difficult.

fixed costs, the cost of default for thousands of manufacturers in terms of yet difficult to digest, if the delay in the resumption of production, managed to survive for some SMEs will indeed endanger the survival of a catastrophe.

In addition, information has shown that some of the show originally scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, organized by declaring an extension, which for enterprise products is also a great loss.

over the years the exhibition are companies release new and important nodes into a single, the exhibition will bring postponed due to the outbreak can not resume production than longer-term and more serious effects.

decoration willingness downturn

workers return of hard to know

"greatly reduced the wishes of customers is the biggest challenge we face."

a responsible corporate dress He said that during the Spring Festival is often decorated off-season, but three months after the holiday is the most important decoration company a year to a single period.

affected by the epidemic, decreased willingness of consumers decoration, many provinces and cities introduced the policy explicitly require companies to delay return to work, and does not allow organized exhibitions, promotional activities.

-acquisition channel is basically in line at a closed state, as an important means of face to face sales into a single impossible, promotion, exhibition can not be held as scheduled, epidemic or will install the first quarter corporate results appear cliff-style drop .

For largeFor some of the traditional decoration business, cash flow is an important indicator of the viability test, many companies there is the phenomenon of living beyond.

outbreak broke the continuous supply of orders, which means cash flow loaded enterprises facing a huge challenge, once into a single volume remained low, is likely to result in many companies fall into financial crisis.

In addition to user acquisition problems, delivery schedule, and labor costs after the return to work also in an unknown state of fluctuation.

According to the experience over the years, back to the city time workers often after the Lantern Festival, many companies installed years ago, unfinished construction site or start time has been basically signing the project is scheduled for the Lantern Festival, the equipment companies now labor conflicts has not been highlighted.

with different furniture manufacturers, renovation no fixed employment relationship between enterprises and workers, mostly in the form of long-term cooperation, which at the same time reduce the corporate staff wage pressures, but also means corporate control over workers weak.

If, after the Lantern Festival did not get better control of the epidemic, the workers can not successfully back to the city, will reduce or migrant workers, labor difficulties will be installed so that enterprises headache for the first issue.

That scarcity brought high prices, the heavy dependence of human decoration industry may be subdivided into a walk profits.

surge in online traffic and grass

household consumption or postpone

Tencent king of glory during the one-day Spring Festival or running water over 2 billion; online mobile game play APP collapse the message is sent trending; 10 million construction of a hospital to watch live online ......

During the holidays, online views, the amount of social interaction platform will usher in a peak for this year's online platform For even more so.

affected by the epidemic, sightseeing, going out to dinner, shopping and other recreational activities all restricted, trapped home manipulation of online entertainment ushered in unprecedented traffic.

decoration knowledge, the product information is necessary before construction just need to have the consumers, reporters learned from several community platform at home, the Spring Festival period, the amount of open platform user a big increase over last year , the highest increase of 57.64 percent over last year.

Taobao very topic of home users in most of the modules involved in a number over a million. Vibrato home large "designer Ah cool" 14 video since January in nine played less than 100,000Times, but after the Spring Festival are two exceeded 30 million times.

line views and the topic of participation increased, bringing the user to enhance the amount of grass. During the Spring Festival, large furniture outage, usually after the Lantern Festival to recovery orders.

affected by the epidemic, in Wuhan has been part of the courier outage, other provinces and cities to control the epidemic, but also to control delivery, take-away into the area.

In the short term, grass behavior does not bring direct sales to businesses, but also means greater consumer choice, decision-making cycle is longer, but as household products just to be longer over time, sales will rebound.

For businesses, the longer the consumer decision-making cycle, which means more uncertainty, which will lead to higher marketing costs.

, the epidemic should not bring significant data affect the overall data from the point of view of the domestic industry to the sale and consumption will allow businesses to delay or revenue figures showing a different distribution patterns of previous years.

In 2020, the grim situation of the epidemic unfolds, it will be more difficult for already a year into the transition of the domestic industry concerned.

enterprises to do more long-term battle ready, every practitioner should be constantly self iteration, to ensure that the journey is not left behind in the transformation.

(Source: furniture industry - public number, invasion deleted)