Long-term dangers of drinking bottled water


bottled water has become a symbol of healthy drinking water, so long drink bottled water hazards have it? If you do not know will look at small series of introduction.

bottled water, in what is now the office building and family have been very popular. Refers to the use of bottled water is tap water or groundwater extraction, through pure water or mineral water treatment from modern industrial technology, then bottled water upon opening shelf life is generally how long it will not cause water pollution? Can you drink bottled water, long-term ? What are the dangers of bottled water? 2020-06-05 small series to introduce family drinking little knowledge in this area.

inferior barrel may contain carcinogens

mineral water to use PC barrels (a barrel is good: but relatively speaking, but with a long time will produce more and more chemicals: Bisphenol a), this barrel-good transparency, high rigidity, so the barrel wall is not very thick, and is colorless and transparent, TPE barrel (generally a one-time use of bottled water, repeated use of toxic, explicitly not use a lot of places) 2004, the state banned the PET recycling barrels for bottled water packaging. Although the requirements of the bucket should be QS certification, but some companies are qualified inspection of the barrel, while the real use of it may fail.

Timeout service bucket bacteria, secondary pollution bottled water inevitably

Many urban residents of the home were using bottled purified water, and became the main form of household drinking water. The departments concerned have been detected Kaifeng drinking bottled water for two weeks, the results of its total bacterial count exceeded the upper limit of 12.5 times the standard bottled water factory. Seemingly clean bucket of bottled water, even the presence of so many hidden dangers. Experts lament: secondary pollution bottled drinking water can be described as shocking.

The prevalence of bottled water "secondary pollution" is unavoidable. Bottled water without exception, are to hire a bicycle, tricycle delivery, the whole process of water supply due time, climate impact, the quality of personnel, "secondary pollution" great possibility. While drinking water and airborne pathogens, dust will inevitably enter the drinking fountains and buckets, the survival and reproduction of a large number of bacteria on people's health is extremely unfavorable. Bottled water is also common, "thousands of boiling water" problem, bottled water is repeatedly heated in a water dispenser, it will form a "thousands of boiling water", seemingly clean, but it is heavy metals, arsenicConcentrate of harmful substances, and the like.

is the so-called thousands of boiling water: boiling on the stove all night long or water, as well as electric water heater repeatedly boiled water. This water boiled for a long time due to, water, non-volatile substances, heavy metals such as high calcium and magnesium content and nitrite. For a long time to drink this water, the water can interfere with the substance of the human gastrointestinal function, a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension; toxic nitrite will result in hypoxia, severe convulsions, coma and even death. This water generally can not eat, can only be as harmful substances Extraction of water. Because only been drinking water heating temperature to 90 degrees, so thousands of boiling water, said does not exist.

into the bucket service timeout bacteria "paradise"

As a rule, each bucket 100 times after repeated use, will be spoiled. Experts say the scrap bucket of bacteria is often the "promised land." Some small manufacturers of bottled water for the recovery of empty drums are not careful disinfection, only tap water simply click on the use of erosion, resulting in a bucket large population of bacteria, this bottled water, no matter how good the water is certainly contaminated. "Black barrel" is not completely out of the market, buckets overtime service is serious, this is still the elimination of waste barrels of heavy use, which cause great pollution to bottled water.

black heart of water, black heart bucket: a health hazard poison infinite

"black water" refers to unscrupulous traders with tap water filling directly into bottled water, "black barrel" of industrial waste in the polymer, the water environment will leak, which is an organic pollutant, easy to make human carcinogen. People drink the "black bucket" filled with water, there will be no feeling at once, but as chronic poisoning as harmful in later years will be shown.

Finally, the fact of debate on this issue has been a long time, "the public that goes, rational woman and she said," so far inconclusive. Although the body needs to add the appropriate trace elements, but different circumstances of each person's body, so bottled water is not suitable for everyone. The water can not escape the doom secondary source pollution and water pollution threatening the pipeline, said people should drink water accurately meet the health standards.

by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the knowledge of the long-term harm to drink bottled water, and if you want to learn more about how to be healthy is to drink bottled waterSmall drinking water safety knowledge, come to pay attention to the small series of articles in it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water safety.

Editor: Zhang Fu