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[industry] Keywords domestic industrial base, the 2019 Forbes 400 list of Chinese home

1.59 Chinese furniture factory relocation Indonesia Central Java

Pan-home network news: November 5th, 15th Central Java investment Business Forum was held in Jakarta, Indonesia Bidakala hotel. Local Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) said that, as of that date, there are 59 Chinese furniture factories moved to Central Java. Indonesian furniture manufacturers will suffer the impact of Sino-US trade war open more investment opportunities.

2.2019 China Forbes 400 list of richest of Europe to send home home Yao-song, Meikailong build a new car finalists

Pan-home network news: November 7, 2019 Forbes released the annual China Rich List A total of 400 on the list. Ma to wealth value of 270.11 billion yuan reelection top; Ma ranked No. 2, net worth 254.55 billion yuan; Xu India is still ranked No. 3, net worth 195.86 billion yuan. Home businesses, the EU sent home Yao-song to 34.08 billion came in 60, Meikailong build a new car to 33.23 billion came in 64, Easyhome Wang Lin Peng to 19.37 billion came in 120. . (Locke Finance)

3 Caofeidian total investment of 15.381 billion yuan plan to build the largest northern port domestic industrial base

Pan-home network news: November 19, China (Hebei) free Trade test area Caofeidian area Conference-cum-timber industry promotion zone in Caofeidian, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The conference signed a total of 46 projects with a total investment of 15.381 billion yuan, 13.455 billion yuan trade. According to reports, Caofeidian port timber processing and distribution base domestic industrial base planning area of ??15,000 acres, supporting the shoreline 1600 meters. According to "the whole industry chain, the whole area layout," the idea to create the "Multi base" industrial layout, to create a complete timber imports, quarantine, primary processing, further processing, trading industrial chain and wire online and one of the transaction platform. 2025, timber imports reached 500 million cubic meters, processing 3 million cubic meters of logs, produced in pellet fuel 600,000 tons, 1.2 million cubic meters wood-based panels, furniture, three million, one million square meters floor, wooden doors 4000000 Tang, a total investment of 27 billion yuan, the output value of 54000 million yuan, to improve employment more than 50,000 people. (Sina home)

[top] custom keyword set solid record, the gold medal cabinet, the EU sent home

1. Top-invasive collection intends to wholly acquire Kaidi Shi

[123 ] Pan-home network news: November 6, top solid set record announcement, the company held its twenty-third meeting of the Board of Directors, to make adjustments to major asset restructuring plan, the company acquired Su Qi Yun, Jiang read the roots, XU Hai-qing, Kaidi Shi 48% of the shares adjusted Li Guangshun together hold for the acquisition of Su Qi Yun, Jiang read the root, XU Hai-qing, Li Guangshun Shenzhen CCB far to the investment and loans equity investment fund partnerships (limited partnership), Shenzhen from Kay business management partnership (limited partnership) together hold 96.2963% of the shares Kaidi Shi, after completion of the transaction, the company will directly hold 100% equity Kaidi Shi. (Set record home top solid)

2 gold medal cabinet issued 392 million convertible bonds approved

Pan-home network news: November 18, gold medal cabinet issued public offering of convertible corporate bonds to apply for approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission announcement, announcement shows that China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the company issued a total face value of 392 million yuan of convertible bonds to the public for a period of six years. Announcements, November 18, China Securities Regulatory Commission received a gold medal cabinet issued "on the approval of Gold Xiamen kitchen cabinet Co., Ltd. public offering of convertible corporate bonds", approved involves four aspects, first of all, approved the company to the community total par value of 392 million yuan public convertible bonds for a period of 6 years. Second, the issuance of convertible bonds should be strictly in accordance with the company submitted to the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the prospectus and the announcement of the implementation. Third, the approval date of approval issued is valid for 6 months. Fourth, since the approval and until the date of issue of convertible bonds before the end, companies such as significant events occur, shall report to the China Securities Regulatory Commission in accordance with relevant regulations. . (Beijing News)

3 Marketing Group president Liu Shunping Europe to send home will be leaving at the end of

Pan-home network news: November 21 afternoon, industry sources, the EU sent home group vice president of marketing Liu Shunping leave application has been approved, will officially leave at the end. It is reported that the EU sent home on the market since 2017, was promoted to vice president Liu Shunping EU to send home group marketing director of a large home (last year expanded to large self-contained home), Guangzhou Branch, Group Brand Center and other important sectors. (Billion euros)

[furniture Keywords Markor ART

1. Markor Brothers brand ART announced that no longer involved in outdoor furniture field

Pan-home network news : November 13 news, after more than two years of attempts in the field of outdoor furniture, household brand ART decided not to engage in outdoor furniture business. Doug Rozenboom senior vice president of merchandising and marketing of the brand, said: "Now, ART will no longer be involved in the field of outdoor furniture we exit the main reason for the tariff and pressure from the manufacturing industry on this choice allows us to better control manufacturing. level and strengthening the logistics network to bring more value to our core customer base. "(furniture today)

[software, textile keywords more popular, dream lily

1. more like 7.282 billion yuan to promote a major asset restructuring, Zhejiang construction Group backdoor listing

Pan-home network news: November 11 evening, more like Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: more popular) released a major asset replacement and convertible merger Zhejiang construction investment Group Co., Ltd. and Related Transaction report. Before this transaction, Zhejiang Construction Group has worked with more like actual control person Chen Jun, Huang Ya-ni signed the "Share Transfer Agreement" on April 12, 2019, Zhejiang Construction Group proposed transferee by way of the transfer agreement made Chen Jun, Huang Ya-ni of listed companies held by 6086 million shares, May 10, 2019, share transfer is completed transfer procedures, Zhejiang construction Group holds more like 10,346.2 million shares, corresponding to 29.83% stake, to become more than favorite largest shareholder. . (Billion euros)

2 Dream Lily invest 200 million idle funds to buy financial

Pan-home network news: November 19, Dream Lily issued on the use of some idle raised funds for cash management the announcement of progress. Notice shows the total amount of the company in this use idle funds to buy financial products is $ 200 million. Announcement shows that this purchase financial products are divided into two, respectively, the amount of 30 million yuan and 170 million yuan. Expected annualized rate of return was 3.10% and 2.90% respectively, expected amount of revenue respectively 77,500 yuan and 410,800 yuan. Dream Lily said, to ensure that does not affect the company's normal operations, Under the premise of the company to raise capital investment program and fund-raising normal security companies use some idle raised funds to buy Guaranteed financial products, will not affect the company's daily operations and investment projects of normal development. . (Beijing News)

over three favorite faces two shareholders entire equity auction

Pan-home network news: November 24 evening, ongoing asset replacement and convertible absorption and Zhejiang Construction Group consolidated listed companies more popular announcement that the company recently learned that the company shareholders in Zhoushan heaven and earth and equity investment partnership more than 5% (limited partnership) shares held by the company will be a public auction via the Internet query. Zhoushan Heaven and Earth and more like shares held by 5762.66 million shares, representing 16.62% of the total share capital of the company, is more like the second-largest shareholder, as this judicial auction to be successfully implemented, Zhoushan heaven and earth and will no longer hold shares of the company. It is worth noting that the 18th of this month, China announced the implementation of information disclosure net debtor a notice, announcement shows Zhoushan Heaven and Earth and 936 million yuan due to take effect in the legal document does not fulfill all the obligations, and was the first in Beijing Intermediate people's Court as dishonest debtor, filing time is July 2. (Dongfangcaifuwang)

[Building Materials Keywords bunny, Opp home, Fenglin Group

1. Bunny build factories in Cambodia aims to restore exports to the US

[ 123] Pan-home network news: November 5, 2019 on investor collective open day activities of listed companies in Zhejiang, Bunny Deputy General Manager Xu Jun said the company this year to invest in Cambodia set up a plywood factory and the factory floor, the main the aim is to give full play to its advantages in resources and channel advantages of the company, to restore the export business to the US market. . (Panorama Network)

2 Opp home return to A shares, wants to raise 918 million

Pan-home network news: November 7, Eighteenth Commission issued the Audit Committee in 2019 168th issuance examination committee meeting. Opp Co. starter home passed, the funds to be raised 918 million yuan, of which, 4.00 billion yuan for the Opp (Jiaxing) production base construction project, 2.57 billion yuan for the construction of project marketing channels, 260 million yuan used to supplement liquidity. According to announcements, Opp 2017 operating income of 1.584 billion yuan home, owned by the parent net profit of 270 millionyuan. In December 2006, the original home Opp indirect controlling shareholder AUPU Group Holding Company Limited had public offering and listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. September 2016, the HKEx delisting from the opp Group successfully completed privatization. .

3 Fenglin Group intends to 700 million yuan investment to build an annual output of 500,000 m3 of particleboard super project

Pan-home network news: November 12, Fenglin Group announced that, in order to meet the strong demand for high-end features of wood-based panels, the company intends to invest in the city of Fangchenggang Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region set up the project company, the construction of "Feng Lin Group annual output of 500,000 m3 particleboard super project", the project plans a total investment of 700 million yuan. In order to successfully carry out the project, the company intends to sign, "Lin Feng Group annual output of 500,000 m3 of particleboard super project development agreement" with Fangchenggang Municipal People's Government. . (Sina Finance)

[Keywords appliances Gree, Foshan Lighting, NVC

1 Gree patent for the first time authorized foreign companies

Pan-home network news: November 5, Gree held a "Gree & Grundfos patent license signing ceremony" in Zhuhai headquarters. Gree authorized three new motor patented technology in the field of non-rare earth reluctance motor of its own research and development of Grundfos Holding Joint Stock Company. Dong Mingzhu Gree Electric chairman and president, while manufacturing in China serving the world, China has also been patented internationally leading enterprises of all ages, further strengthened the Chinese enterprises confident road of independent innovation, the core technology to create a better place for the people of the world life. . (Securities Times Online)

2 FSL competition between the country star power industry intends to postpone solve

Pan-home network news: November 17, Foshan Lighting announcement that the company owned shareholders and concerted action to address the proposed changes with the competition promises: to resolve between the country star power and competition with the Foshan lighting time was changed from before December 2019 4 2020 before June 4. It is reported, December 4, 2017, the Guangdong Provincial Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and Rising Rising Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (collectively, the "promisee") issued the "Resolution on competition in the industry and measures to avoid competition with the commitment letter, "Promiser December 4, 2019A few days ago through business integration and arrangements or other means to complete the elimination of competition between the industry and the country star power, Foshan lighting. . (China's optical network)

3 NVC due to the proposed transfer of trademarks renamed NVC International Holdings Limited

Pan-home network news: November 22, NVC announcement the company name changed from NVC lighting holding Limited for the NVC international Holdings Limited, Limited by the Chinese double foreign name change NVC NVC lighting holding international Holdings Limited. Change of Company Name is subject to the Shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting by special resolution, after the delivery and approval of the Director of the Cayman Islands Registrar of Companies to be fulfilled. The reason has been renamed the Department of NVC trademark transfer in the sale, and therefore no longer associated with the use of NVC company name. . (Locke Finance)

4 Bull Group IPO will be successful too, funds to be raised 4.887 billion yuan

Pan-home network news: November 21, starting applications on Bull Group Co., Ltd. Council intends to release no more than 6,000 shares, to raise funds 4.887 billion yuan, respectively, to invest an annual output of 410 million sets of wall switches and sockets production base construction project, an annual output of 400 million units converter automation upgrade construction project, an annual output of 180 million sets of LED lights production base construction projects. Bull Group, the IPO sponsor for the State Securities. . (Locke Finance)

5 Electric boss next year will increase investment in the dishwasher category

Pan-home network news: November 25, owner of electrical appliances in the disclosure of investor relations active record, said with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, Chinese kitchen appliances in articles will be enriched, one of the company's future strategy is to develop multi-category. 2020 boss appliances will continue to steam box as the main category, and increase investment in the dishwasher category, introduce more new products to address consumer pain points to the market, to enhance market share.

[Tao Wei Key words Mona Lisa, Kohler

1. Mona Lisa intended to vote in 300 million yuan to set up a subsidiary smart home

Pan-home network news : November 26 evening, the Mona Lisa announcement that the company due to business development needs, intends to own funds invested 300 million yuan setLi, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Mona Lisa Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd., business scope, including ceramics, sanitary ware, household items technology development, Internet marketing, electronic information services. Mona Lisa, said this investment to set up wholly-owned subsidiary is based on the company's sales development needs, help to further optimize the layout of the company's business, promote brand operations, enhance the overall value of the company, in line with the company's overall development strategy. .

2 Kohler year layoff over 400 people

Pan-home network news: According to the US Xiebo Yi roots, local media reported, because of production lines needs, the United States Kohler kitchen giant announced that it would lay off 90 people this measure will come into effect in 2020 January 12. It is the second year initiated within Kohler from layoffs, the company said earlier this year, will shift the engine production line to Mississippi Hattiesburg, so lay off 325 people in Wisconsin. It is worth mentioning that Kohler had previously said that as residential and other business sales growth slowed and had to cut spending. (Large household Insight)

[home] Keywords Meikailong channels, Ikea, actually home

1. Macalline and Yuzhou Properties to create a "real estate + home" a home station set seamless joint marketing new model

Pan-home network news: November 26 morning, Redstar and Yuzhou Properties "one-stop home home" strategic cooperation signing ceremony was successfully held in Shanghai. It is reported that the two sides will work together to create "real estate + home" new model seamless joint marketing, service quality and establish a new paradigm of home decoration. Vice President Redstar home Group Co., Ltd. He Xinghua, Assistant President George Yu Chau Group jointly attended the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation. It is reported that Redstar and Yuzhou Properties will soon be underway in the country, "home buyers +" package ground service cooperation, the two sides to enhance the brand influence, while marketing efficiency, for both customers together to create "one-stop home home" quality service experience. . (Redstar)

2 Hunan officially opened the first IKEA

Pan-home network news: November 28, Yang Wu is located in Yuelu District Changsha IKEA shopping malls open welcome customer. It is reported that, Changsha IKEA mall is the first 30 in China's Hunan's first shopping mall, with a total area of ??about 38,000 square meters. IKEA Changsha mall floor is divided into twelve layers, the second interlayer Furniture Fair is divided into tenFunctional areas, including living room furniture, living room storage, home studio and office furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen, children's furniture and supplies. Meanwhile, the second floor also planning a full-house design center, IKEA has 25 shopping malls Changsha team of designers, provide the public with a full-service design and part of the region. . (IKEA's official website)

3 Guangzhou Easyhome home building museum grand opening

Pan-home network news: November 30, Easyhome group effort to build a home actually Canton home home life MALL building Museum officially opened its doors. Easyhome Guangzhou home life MALL, not only Easyhome group "big home" integration first in southern China new retail model flagship store in strategy and "big spending", but also the Guangzhou Tianhe District, the focus of commercial projects, Guangzhou will become the first two CBD core business district landmark mall. (Sina home)

[] US home improvement Keywords Lele, regulating the family network

1. US Lele Furniture stores transferred collapse, no one answered the telephone headquarters

Pan-home network news: According to informed sources broke the news, Nanjing and the United States should Lele home shop Huaian US Lele home experience museum has been "deserted" customer service phone no one answered. The United States and China should live Lele referred to the successful operation of the domestic market in home O2O business platform. US Lele was founded in 2008, 2016 --2018 year decline in operating income, net profit continued to be negative. From the beginning of 2016, the United States Lele company business model adjustments, the original museum and the main line under the main way to Direct gradually convert to join the main way due to join the business profit to dealers, the company will result in the short term operating income scale declined, but at the same time reducing the company's daily operating expenses, thereby improving the company's profitability, the company expects 2019 US Lele annual operating deficit will be further reduced. According Yihua living the end of October this year, three quarterly disclosure, the first three quarters, China should live revenues 3.876 billion yuan, 30.88% decrease year on year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 135 million yuan, 74.46% decrease year on year. . (Yangtze Evening News)

2 regulating the family network and Hollywood off jointly launch a new brand Nola

Pan-home network news: November 21, home improvement vertical platform and the first unit Qi Yi Technology custom home listed company Hollywood visitors announced that they have jointly launched a new brand Nola, designed to open upCustom home online and offline sales service, more efficient and higher quality to meet the new demands of consumers. Xian Xi, general manager Nola brand but introduction, Nola brand positioning in the simplicity of the service after 90, personality, fashion, luxury light style. Meet the light with a light and stylish fashion ideas personalized custom wild Variety demand, helping young people to easily achieve a beautiful home. Nola home improvement remodeling of people, goods, games, digital technology, the Internet of regulating the family network, combined with intelligent new custom home Lay-off. In full pursuit of individual market lower, by the depth of online and offline integration, Nola easy to understand, the whole house lightly armed, light manufacturing, light extravagant fashion, five light impression easily delivered, opened a retail custom home new era of light . . (Financial Investment Network)

[Intelligent Key words stone technology, Huawei, Konka A

1 stone technology will be successful too

Pan-home network news: November 20, Kechuang Market Listing Committee held in 2019 the 47th meeting of the Listing Committee considered, examined and adopted the Beijing stone century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "stone technology") of the Branch board the first application. At this point, which lasted more than seven months, the listed stone technology ushered in progress. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Market Listing Branch issuance system display, Science and Technology Branch stone plate IPO on April 9, 2019 were accepted, and on April 17 was first inquiry, the IPO is successful, also it means that technology will become stone after the Chinese rice, rice clouds, green rice, millet fourth-listed ecological chain enterprises. .

2 Huawei's first push high-end smart speaker

Pan-home network news: November 25, Huawei Huawei MatePad hold the whole scene and new conference in Shanghai, Huawei's consumer products business IoT line-ho, president of branch officially released double bass HiFi speaker Huawei smart Sound X, priced at 1999 yuan. Sound X designed by Huawei's high-end audio brand co-emperor Valery, with Huawei's AI technology, Sound X can achieve Huawei Hilink intelligent home control products, covering air conditioning, lighting, curtains, air purifiers, fans, socket / power strip and so on, water heaters multiple categories racks, air sensor, security, humidifiers, cleaning robot, etc., life wisdom help build the whole scene.

3 Konka A:. Intends to more than 1 billion investment to build a memory chip packaging and testing items,Semiconductor business gain another victory

Pan-home network news: November 25 evening, Shenzhen Konka A published series of investment announcement, the company plans to invest 1.082 billion yuan construction of memory chip packaging and testing plant; In addition, the company intends to Holding subsidiaries (the company holds not less than 51%) as the main investment in the construction of environmental technology Yantai town, is expected to invest 11.38 billion yuan. A deep Konka said the project will help strengthen the company in the field of semiconductor and layout field of environmental protection, can take advantage of Yancheng tech Industrial Development Zone resources and policy advantages, to further enhance the company's core competitiveness and profitability.

[listed investment and financing Keywords Langfy appliances, Ourui Bo, green rice the Year

1. "Langfy Electric" by Millet, along with investment of ten million yuan for the angel round financing

Pan-home network news: November 7 news, Langfy Electric announced won ten million yuan angel round of financing, the investor is millet Group, Shunde capital. Langfy Electric officially launched in March of this year, is independent from the Group of Zhejiang Jiangyue Li ironing brand product category, monthly Li Group, the founding team, Ocean Spring funds and gathered all of its initial shareholders. May Li Group is Philips, France SEB (Supor its sub-brand) two major global iron brand products ODM manufacturing base, but also the world's largest high-end appliances a guard (hair dryer, hair tools, etc.) manufacturers. (36 Krypton)

2 Ourui Bo 2019 conference: Announced the Hengda newly acquired Pre-IPO round of strategic investment

Pan-home network news: November 8, smart home vendors Ourui Bo held 2019 annual strategic new conference and Chilean eco-innovation summit, Ourui Bo, founder and CEO Wang Xionghui at the scene of heavy announced recently won the Pre-IPO round of strategic investment Hengda high-tech Group, is currently preparing the a-share listing plan. The official said that at present Ourui Bo's products have entered the two million + households, covering 5 million + users, connecting more than 8 million IoT devices, has opened up the wisdom of 150 real estate projects in the channel, the country has opened 300 stores, with more than 1000 sales and service outlets. . (Billion euros)

300 million Tianji Cheng stove GEM listing application be accepted

Pan-home network news: November 11 news, Zhejiang Okuda Electric Co., Ltd. submitted the smart kitchen businessListed application has been accepted. Okuda is mainly engaged in integrated electric kitchen stoves and other kitchen appliances Modern new product development, production and sales. 2016 to the end of the first half of 2019, integrated kitchen product revenue accounted for the main business revenue increased from 76.07 percent to 88.13 percent rise year by year, and high product concentration. It is noteworthy that the list Okuda kitchen electric shareholders have Macalline, and other companies figure actually home. November 2018, Okuda investment and even homes, Meikailong signed an agreement to transfer them back 360 million shares, the transfer price of 63 million yuan. . (Billion euros net)

4 green rice Lianchuang completed B2 round of the $ 100 million financing

Pan-home network news: November 14 electric green rice Lianchuang today announced the completion of B2 Round 1 billion dollars of financing, investment from the far wing collar vote, Cathay capital Fund, pleasant capital, with investment capital cloud Mu, Mu cloud capital round of financing to continue as exclusive financial adviser. According to Green, founder of the Year meter swim Yun Yan introduction, round of financing will be used for further investment in innovation and product development, to build ecological chain millet smart home explosion products, improve Aqara building its own brand, to strengthen the "+ line under the line" Construction of new retail channels . . (BEIJING)

5 in the apartment house to complete the A round of financing tens of millions

Pan-home network news: November 27 news, tens of millions of residential buildings in the apartment A round of financing, led by the Ethernet capital investment, dream lily chairman Zhang Ni root with the cast. It is understood that, in the apartment house was established in March 2018, founded by serial entrepreneur Wu Tong Xiang, as providers of production and system solutions are fabricated parts components, the company in May 2018 completed an angel round of financing, by the New Zealand believe Ventures lead investor, dream lily chairman Ni Zhang root with the cast, starting fabricated parts components of the system development; October 2018 to complete the financing PRE-a by the Deere capital lead investor, Ni Zhang root with the vote, while the establishment of East China's largest fabricated parts parts production base. . (Billion euros)

6 interest sleep technology complete D round of financing

Pan-home network news: November 28, interest sleep technology complete D round of financing, the investor is in philosophy Group, Chengdu width of cultural and creative industries investment Group Limited. Fun sleep science and technology is a focus on sleep science and technology, bedding products company, is committed to being sleep products and sleep improvement solutions provider, the flagship product for 8H mattress. (Billion euros)

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