Clean water source water purifier so that children bid farewell to brackish water

June 20, together with China Volunteer Service Foundation and the clear water spring Fund jointly launched the "drink from the source" national primary and secondary drinking water health charity by a clean water source, came to the Lianyungang saltworks school, donated a clean water source on campus and incorporate it into teachers and students here filter water purification equipment, so that all teachers and students to drink sweet and delicious, safe and healthy drinking water.

碧水源净水器 让孩子们告别苦咸水 碧水源净水器 让孩子们告别苦咸水

In this regard, saltworks school principal Wang deep feeling and said:

"Our school is located near the beach, the salt content of the water is particularly high, drink salty taste in his mouth in the past children always drink boiling in water, over a period of time which is full scale, but also easy to burn, seriously endangering the health of students drinking. GRATEFUL welfare activities for our school campus installed a clean water source nanofiltration water purification equipment, faucet the water is no longer fat, salt water, the children are very fond of, they are happy health, our teacher, and also relieved. "

碧水源净水器 让孩子们告别苦咸水 碧水源净水器 让孩子们告别苦咸水

the donation campus Carolina water purifier filter, the generation of low voltage applied selective nanofiltration filter purification technology innovation developed clean water source, it can effectively remove bacteria, chlorine, organic pollutants, heavy metals and other harmful substances, retain the desired body potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, the water is safe purified and healthy. In addition, subsection campus water purifier culmination of human design, can set a different water temperature according to changes in water temperature, so that children can not only timely but will not drink hot water burns, eliminating the security risks.

All along, the clean water source to "social responsibility, ecological civilization" for business purposes, three years of practice with silent love, let the clean water source "drink from the source" concerned about national primary and secondary drinking water health charity, has won more and more attention and support of the community. Drink from the source, heart care for their healthy development. Clean water source has been in action!

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