Borosilicate glass is what material


Many people buy high-borosilicate glass, but what everyone does not know the material, but for borosilicate glass.

want to buy glasses, I would like to ask if the material is borosilicate need to see it to what standards? What kind of material with water is better? A lot of people for the high boron this glass silicon glass is not very understanding, so borosilicate glass is what material? which cup to drink the safest?

high heat-resistant borosilicate glass can withstand instantaneous temperature difference of about 150 ℃, can hold put hot and cold drinks are safe. The main process is a semi-automatic line of blowing and, and pressing a special case. Ordinary glass can withstand substantially instantaneous temperature difference of 75 deg.] C, recommended drinking cold drinks, drinking water and the like. Mainly iron pipe pressing process and blow molding process. Tempered glass is not recommended holding liquids.

Artificial blow molding of borosilicate glass, raw materials mainly high borosilicate glass tubing, a high temperature burning soft, then placed into a mold rotary blow molding or blow molding is fixed. Glass manufacturers tell you. Blown products generally thin. Generally borosilicate glass tea, coffee, artificial blowing a thickness of about 1.2-1.8 mm, in a pot 1.8 - about 2.2mm. Occasional straight cup or pot is very thick, because it is not blown, the pipe material used, can be reached 2-4mm thickness.

bilayer glass, must be heat-resistant glass made of borosilicate glass. Round the glass with a handle, and very thin, the thickness must be less than 2mm of borosilicate glass. Glass manufacturers tell you. If very thick, then look at the handle portion has no mold and India, so, it is not heat-resistant glass (except a very few cases), not, that is heat-resistant glass. Handle Nianshang Qu, look carefully handle and cup body connection, be sure to see the difference, not symmetrical, and will not be perfect. General Straight cup very thick bottom, then, must be suppressed, because the artificial do, the bottom to 2 cm thick, almost astronomical, and the thickness is not uniform, ugly, not worth the candle.

are also some differences on how many different types of borosilicate glass material, but borosilicate glass is a highly cost glasses, tea and drinking water for the people are very good, use it kind of cup to drink water is very safe, these families drinking water Tipsall in.

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