Buy energy-saving water dispenser can not be ignored

Speaking of energy-saving appliances, people will naturally think of refrigerators, air conditioners and other power-hungry, while hiding in a corner of the living room unknown fountains, its energy consumption is often overlooked.

Experts point out that drinking is the consumption of one large home appliances, power consumption is bigger than some refrigerators, how energy efficiency is a topic that should not be overlooked. But the state in terms of energy-saving drinking fountains do not have a clear standard, consumers in the purchase is also related to the lack of basis.

According to successful certification center engineer Yuezong Wen energy introduced, the industry had been tested drinking energy consumption, when the dispenser 1 bucket of water heating is completed, so they are in heat insulation --- --- this continuous operation state incubated for 24 hours, a power of 600 watts dual hot and cold water dispenser, the power consumption of 1.5 to 1.7, a single cold or hot water dispenser single power 0.75 degrees. Seen in this light, the importance of saving water dispenser deserves attention.

While some companies have introduced energy-saving products, but the survey found that most consumers think small appliances such as water dispenser can not consume much power, so few people take into account when buying energy-saving issues, few people are willing to pay more for the energy-saving products.

Some consumers said that because the function does not have much difference, so after drinking a brand of their choice, as long as the style then look satisfied, the price is acceptable hot and cold products on the line. I have never considered the power consumption problem, but do not know the dispenser so power consumption.

China Home Appliances MA De-jun Research Institute points out, drinking fountains on the market since the early 90s of last century, it has matured from growing, along with the formation of a buyer's market and consumer attitudes to drinking fountains change, water dispenser industry has entered a full range of competitive price, appearance, quality, performance, functionality, and service. But the social aspects of the energy-saving propaganda about the very few consumers do not understand is not concerned about power consumption of drinking fountains. Energy dispenser higher than the average price of drinking fountains, and energy-efficient products to consumers in return is reflected in the long-term use, the feedback process is relatively long. For consumers, they see is the immediate purchase price is considered too small for the use of cost. Since there is no market demand for energy efficient products, manufacturers of power research and development will not be so large that the industry's awareness of energy conservation is also very weak, only a fewWell-known brand launched energy-saving products, energy-saving water dispenser in the whole industry is still relatively small.

national household electrical appliances Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of electric appliances Laboratory Director Linghong Hao, former national quality sampling, although a test of the drinking fountains energy consumption, but that is only consistent with the detection of cases of enterprise value indicated, due to the lack of relevant standards, energy-saving products will not be able to determine whether or not carried out, but the testing situation, drinking fountains can indeed be considered a major energy consumer.

Some experts said that to promote energy-saving water dispenser, countries must first develop relevant standards, due to the lack of standards, resulting in energy-saving water dispenser without knowing the consumer, manufacturers and merchants could get no things to come proof, energy-efficient products to do business, we must be innovative in the use of the material, but if the consumer does not endorse, the enthusiasm of enterprises will be hit.