Features and role of the water-soluble silicon element Introduction

natural elemental silicon

silicon element in nature are almost all solid and non-reactive silicone and reactive silicon oxide and inorganic sand-like composition. Such as: sand, rocks, crystals and the like, these human silicon element can not be absorbed directly. Therefore, human nature has not been previously contaminated, contain only water and mineral nutrients the body needs silicic acid component from groundwater, surface water, spring water intake. In addition, humans rely on intake of elemental silicon can absorb minerals and trace elements from a variety of crops produced to supplement the soil. Grow crops in soil silicate, silicon elements and trace elements is very rich, human enough sufficient intake of silicon and other basic nutrients through diet.

Unfortunately, modern times, with the rapid development of industrialization, by a sudden flight Meng into the chemical industry, the rapid flow of humans, causing serious pollution to varying degrees of natural surface water. Soil rich in silicon elements because a large number of inputs of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical enhancers such as the destruction of the elements silicon and trace elements in the soil huge loss, silicon element content in crops gradually reduced. Today we can no longer absorb the natural ecology of elemental silicon less than diet and other nutrients, resulting in a modern body of elemental silicon is extremely insufficient physical. A lot of people with diabetes have three major adult diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease), and is known as (rich man) being ridden torture, suffer great pain.

Throughout the ages, mankind is complemented by eating ingestion of elemental silicon can absorb various trace minerals and elements from the soil produced crops, the nature of the drinking surface water, well water, spring water, river water, lake water water containing silicic acid component to maintain health, disease prevention, health and longevity. Singular efficacy silicon element to modern medicine, and science has brought unexplained, even a miracle.

silicic acid

metasilicate (H2Sio3) Most people should know, but do not know the existence of the ecological environment silicic acid component, do not even know what the effect on the human body yes. Metasilicate (H2SiO3) referred to as elemental silicon. Silicic acid exists only in the nature of surface water or groundwater, mountain spring water. In nature water and environment coexist silicate mineral, silicate released energy is absorbed by the water, so that water generated partialSilicon elements, so called silicic acid. "Natural mineral water" water must contain silicic acid (H2Sio3) ingredients, which is the identification of a national "natural mineral water" 9 trace element standards.

a water-soluble silicon element

Silicon is collected in a water-soluble high-grade silicon dioxide (Sio2), high temperature physical extraction 1650 ℃ -2000 ℃ burn duration 8 hours or more special moxibustion after forming method for recovering vaporized silicon element content, and toxic components in a disassembled quickly cooled to form a soluble crystalline (Sio3). Silicon crystal is combined with water, dissolved in 100% of the free water molecules form an ionic form.

wherein the water-soluble silicon element

1, the physical properties: the solubility of crystal, green, colorless, white, transparent or translucent amorphous crystals.

2 and chemical properties: non-radioactive, non-explosive, non-toxic, sterility.

3, specific gravity 1.0

4, superior permeability

silicon element having a water-meltable small molecules 0.4 nm, it is possible to rapidly penetrate into cells, strong permeability of the skin, rapid penetration of intestinal absorption, digestion, metabolism.

5, superior bactericidal

is mainly reflected in the (& apos orchid species were negative) can be strong instantaneous sterilization of Escherichia coli and Legionella.

6, powerful anti-inflammatory force

a water-soluble silicon element has a potent action to prevent the development of inflammatory cells. Damaged skin tissue inflammation quickly, such as wound injuries, burns, burns, frostbite, coated with soluble silicon element in the affected area, can quickly relieve pain, will quickly restore damaged tissue.

7, superior detergency

a water-soluble highly purified silicon element containing vegetable species into the aqueous pesticide composition containing silicon element, the fast food the residue was subjected to chemical decomposition. If vegetable species, chicken, duck, fish, meat, etc. are purifying the cleaning effect.

8, super regenerative power

silicon element having a water-soluble damaged tissue, skin tissue, connective tissue repair, activation, regeneration.


a water-soluble silicon element

According to Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United States, consumption of water-soluble silicon population survey of more than a decade to prove the elements, it has never caused due to consumption of the elements silicon and abnormal human poisoning, and more No case of complaints.

silicon element in German history as a health food material has reached more than 50 years. Germany has very strict quality management system (Holm products), in natural foods, natural cosmetics field, containing silicon elements associated product sales in the first place, most of the German families almost all standing silicon elements of health care products. Germany, Japan, Korea, the American people to "water-soluble silicon elements" referred to "help Silicon." Water-soluble elemental silicon, silicon for the first time in Japan Medical Association published academic papers, come to the "Ames test (*) The results showed that the water-soluble silicon element to cancerous no other doctrine and theory does not contradict" conclusions.

(* Ames test, using a microorganism of Escherichia coli and Salmonella mutagenicity test chemical investigations.) Elemental silicon is a water-soluble substance does not cause damage to human health risks.

under (Showa twenty-two years the law two hundred and thirtieth III) Article 11, paragraph of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced fourth hundred and ninety VIII Food Sanitation Law, as clear confirmed that the substance of the human body without the possibility of damage to health, Ministry of health, labor and Welfare decided to "silicon elements" included in the national list of designated harmful substances in the 23rd.

through actual clinical performance after drinking biological experiments on animals and human metabolic processes soluble silicon element is expelled from the body after the intestinal absorption from the kidney has been very clear, and in the body of excess silicon does not accumulate in the body 100% excreted from the kidney.

The X-ray analysis showed that the silicon element is not a solid water-soluble, and water, air, 100% binding was dissolved in water and differentiate and produce negatively charged ions.

through social surveys in Japan today, there are already more than 100 million people who drink the water-soluble elemental silicon as the silicon element food used in everyday life, the silicon element is easy to see in the future is about to become a thousand years of human, biological and maintain health and longevity of the protagonist.

on the safety of silicon element have been further analyzed in the test level food and genetic analysis confirmed, no doubt, a water-soluble silicon element is a very safe, for peopleBeneficial carrier body harmless natural health foods.