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Water purifiers to join the agency, Anda Kang water purifier manufacturers throughout the convoy to join the agency, Anda Kang manufacturers throughout the convoy source of wealth water purifier, Anda Kang water purifier manufacturers full escort, to guarantee the success! No experience necessary support. 0 risk business model pioneered clean water, no distribution shop inventory, no stocking, do not press the funds, open stores only show Anda Kang water purifier water purifier goods salesman boldly soliciting sellers, customer orders, submit Anda Kang water purifier headquarters immediate delivery, real zero inventory, zero pressure. 1 Brand Support: Anda Kang years of manufacturing experience, perseverance boutique concept, first-class product design and manufacturing level, you are free to worry about. Technical support: strong development capability, constantly updated product development, distribution of the products so that you stand out from the homogenization of competition, product support: a wealth of business product line, so that you continue to generate new revenue growth. Just show dealership goods, soliciting sellers, not stocking, no inventory, no financial pressure. Marketing Support: Marketing expert guidance, combined with strong market support policy, industry unique "quick profit" helping the whole system and train staff to ignite passion. Market Protection: brand market segmentation to prevent changing products, arbitrary price, to protect the interests of each Anda Kang water purifiers to join agents. 2 help sales support: training, promotional materials supply, distributors passage of the auxiliary terminal building, promotional, image output, brand promotion and other services. Incentives: Anda Kang water purifier flexible rewards and incentives, to regulate market operations, to ensure that each dealer in huge profits. Opening support: National team multivessel terminal sales agents, auxiliary store sales help point "blasting" tipping sales. Engineering support: hotels, schools, engineering units, with a single designer. Retail orders, net sales orders for multi-channel sales, so dealers at every step. After-sales support: Anda Kang water purifier sales service support system, well-trained service personnel, operating without fear.