Qin Kytril role of water purifier water purifier and benefits

Water purifier as a life tool, more and more important in real life, in many places there is water purifier figure, water purifiers cost is not high, but the water is filtered it reached the standard drink a, which can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants, to ensure clean water. So, the next small series introduces the role of water purifier and water purifier for everyone benefits: the role (Source Qin Kytril water purifier public number, invasion deleted) water purifier 1, solve the secondary pollution of water by water after chlorine disinfection, can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove heavy metals, volatile substances; long-distance transport of water through the pipes, vulnerable to secondary pollution, so people basically will choose to boil the drink, but the boil bacteria can only solve the problem, not solve the sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile matter and bacteria "corpse" and other issues, and residual chlorine in tap water after high-temperature cooking will produce chloroform, chloroform is standard carcinogens, so the quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved, but will also have serious health risks. 2, an alternative choice bottled water bucket bottled water ranging from about 8 to 16 yuan, high cost, and this mostly water purifiers or water with a large machining tap water, very little natural mineral water; the same time the short shelf life of bottled water, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, air pollutants easily, and therefore is not an ideal solution for drinking water. 3, unlike the extremely high cost of bottled water, bottled water is a small number of rich families as a daily water, but the cost is too high, and bottled water is clean water, lack of trace elements and minerals, long drink to human health should not be, the effect The water purifier may not. 4, to drink standard, low cost (Source: Qin Kytril water purifier public number, invasion deleted) benefits of water purifier 1, tea: no chlorine taste, tea is more fragrant, more pure. 2, hot pot with water: bleach does not foam above, the positive soup, taste more pure. 3, boil bean soup: 30 minutes fully flowering green beans, soup green water (tap water with red bean soup boiled, the above red foam, and a long time). 4, cooking, steamed rice, noodles, cooking: no chlorine taste, more fragrant rice. 5, electric kettle boil water: no scale, no-clean. 6, the ophthalmic lens cleaning: reduce scratches cleaner. 7, wash, wash your hands, take a shower: delicate skin whitening, no greasy feeling, saving time and detergent. 8, laundry, towels: no yellow, harden; 9, extensionElectrical service life: water heaters, washing machines, electric irons, humidifiers and so on. The good thing about the role of water purifier and water purifier on the introduction here. (Source: Qin Kytril water purifier public number, invasion deleted)