The arrival of the festive season, buy a water purifier business Beware of gimmicks speculation

First, the filter of the series, the better, some consumers believe that a multi-stage filter will be more secure, and in fact not the case. People know that water purifier filter should be changed regularly, but in the end which replace the filter it? Such as to replace all the high cost. Therefore, the filter series is not possible, for the water quality should own family area, a reasonable choice. Second, the filter life of more than three years? Major businesses in order to attract the eye called their filter life of more than three years, in fact, this is wrong, look at the entire water industry no guarantee the length of their use cartridge specific time, filter it and the printer cartridge, color like belt are consumables, with the more consumed faster, but not in time to filter replacement, mainly to consider the amount of household drinking water, local water quality, qualified installer and the correct use of methods, in general, Alone in the water purifier small amount of water or water quality taste when it shows the duration of life of your home water purifier filter has been reached, this time for the health of your family you have to change the filter. Third, the filtration accuracy higher the better. Water purification products can not just filtering accuracy, but depends on the quality of its filtering. Now, water pollution mainly organic contamination and chemical contamination based, but high filtration accuracy can not filter the water purifier and the organic pollution and chemical pollution, can not remove the residual chlorine, bleach odor, these technical solutions rely on activated carbon adsorption. Fourth, ultrafiltration machine filtered water is safe to drink? Ultrafiltration machine filtration accuracy 0.01 m filter most of the harmful substances can be water, but it looks thorough filtering effect is insufficient and even higher filtration accuracy compared to pure water. The use of ultrafiltration machine in areas with good water quality T33 drinking companion filtered out of the water is safe to drink. Power source is a famous brand of water purifiers, AMD is the only strategic partner of China ranked the top ten brands of water purifiers, water purifiers national toll-free hotline: 400-788-9188