Home water purifier is not just pleasure balanced traffic flow

appliance market is a clear trend can not be underestimated - high-end products. To water purification industry, for example, from 2012 to date, just five years, more than 3680 yuan price of high-end water purification products market share jumped from 12% to 35%, up speed amazing! This is reflected behind out both significantly improved living standards of our citizens, more qualitative excellence in science and technology innovation in China.


as a water purifier at home pleasure of kitchen electric industry leader, its frequency, followed by new product launches, high product specifications, innovation highlights as much as the media has always been and consumers relish. Among them, the "balanced water purifier" has become a synonym for Chinese high-end water purification products. To "respect Yue" series, for example, which is home to pleasure original "water balance" technology, to make technical innovations based on the frequency of water-saving technologies, according to the North-South differences in water quality unique to China, developed the world's first net water balance water heater, and integrated WIFI, with APP function, pure water and mineral water, at any time against the drink, 500G no large flow barrels, 1.3 liters of water per minute, then full glass of water only 14S, fast water, drink the whole family is more important these water purifiers that can be applied to China and other regions of the world, depending on local water quality, adjust the pure water or mineral water the most suitable for drinking, twisting card filter, replace the second speed. High-end accessories, original machine, 24 strict testing standards, the real high-quality performance machines, machine longevity, this home appliance products in China issued by the Chinese Academy of A + performance recommended products, will be listed on a high degree of attention.


In addition, the balance of the water purifier at home pleasure, not only strong features, appearance and design is beautiful, and play with the color value. It combines simple, stylish, elegant, noble, musical beauty in one. More honorable than fashion, more elegant than noble, more elegant style than the more pleasing than a grand. Streamline beauty and sense of honor each other, the United States and the temperament of the times Bonjour! Whether it is on the stage, or the audience, similar to the extraordinary total value of outstanding color and temperament, set off your identity. Another point you might think, it is not only the Golden Horse Award winner Jianbin water purifier home use, but also their autographed water purification products.

Under the new trend of consumption upgrade, users have not just the pursuit of cost so simple, but more show experience, intelligence, and other high-end consumer needsbegging. To meet this trend, major brands are in the layout of the high-end smart new products, product features and structures have been optimized, it can be said, who effectively and forcefully seize this opportunity, whoever will win more in this wave of market dividend.

家乐事平衡净水器 不仅仅是流量大

whether as professional media, or consumers themselves, we are pleased to see home water purifier balance pleasure "respect for Wyatt" CL-DR-F301 such high-end intelligent new products come out, but the more trend to perfect the technology to further enhance the harder. Future water purifier industry will have what kind of disruptive product launch? We will continue to focus. Lay home water purifier Agent Hotline: 400-600-3188