It is still water purifier initial fee how much-

With the development and improve the quality of people's lives, for the aspects of domestic water problems also gradually pay attention to it. Healthy and safe water is now a pursuit, but now face the problem of water pollution, water purification products also appear to bring the gospel to millions of families. Among them, water purifier it is still as powerful online water purifier brand, through professional team to create, making the product more energy saving, high efficiency water purifier, practical. It is still safe and reliable water purifier in the deep processing of water quality, worth choosing. He then joined the still water purifier need to invest much money do? (Source: network intrusion deleted) water purifier He is still He is still the initial fee to open a water purifier stores, total investments are: brand franchise fee, deposit brand, the first purchase, shop rent, equipment, decoration, staff salaries Wait. Among them, join different patterns will affect the brand franchise fee, brand investment deposit, the first purchase and other costs, the different store location will affect the investment shop rent, equipment, decoration, staff hiring and other investment funds. For example, to open a water purifier He is still the flagship store, flagship store headquarters for more than 120 square meters in area, open in first-tier cities, the rent is about 100,000, brands need to deposit 50,000 (refundable), and the first batch of brand franchise fee need to purchase about 200,000, equipment purchase, renovation and other expenses plus a shop needs about 100,000. He is still so open a flagship store in the water purifier first-tier cities, the cost of inputs is probably about 450,000. Of course, this is only a reference value, the specific costs still need to go through a series of before they can join the program to develop known. It is still water purifier joining fee is very reasonable, the cost of expenses at various details are clearly visible, if you are interested in joining the water purifier He is still, may wish to understand the process to join the next. He is still join the process water purifier is: understand the brand to join the proposed → → → site visits to discuss the program signed an agreement → → → pay the costs of renovation image shop location → → → delivery of the first business guide → successful opening. Finally, if you are interested in joining the water purifier He is still the case, please contact contact the official customer service hotline it still water purifier is: 022-83719600.