Various water purification products, work is also different

the current status of water in a severe environment, do so many people are in a state of unrest, people began to rely on their own water purifier to eliminate panic, you should choose what kind of water purifier should we do ? High-quality water purification products are generally able to be transferred to 0.001 micron filtration precision, high efficiency intercept harmful substances in water, combating insecurity in the presence of water, allowing users to have safe drinking water directly. But different market water purification products, work is also different, people are faced with the choice varied, no matter what style choice, there is an important principle to follow: to refrain from cheap, to choose their own water purifier is the most Guaranteed. Even if the choice is no sign, cheap water purifier, it may make you very unpleasant situation occurs, one is of poor quality water purifiers can be easily damaged, stop using it, and second, poor-quality water purifiers do not clean water, but accumulated more many toxic substances, increased the toxicity of the water, these effects are not to be underestimated, so you users be carefully considered when purchasing a water purifier.
Different water purification products, work is also different, if a total of alternative water treatment by the way eleven classes, substantially softening method, distillation method, boiling method, mineralization method, wherein softening hard water by the filter is relatively large by the material, such as calcium and magnesium ions removed, or reduced to a certain extent. Distillation is commonly used and a way, that by the water to boil, and then collecting the vapor, condenses into it cool drinking water, distilled water, demineralised this, but there are also people aged life and energy consumption controversy, but it is quite popular.