A.O. Smith shared, the Intelligent Manufacturing

Recently, the world's attention in the world of Intelligent Manufacturing Conference held in Nanjing. The conference was jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, invited guests and exhibitors mainly from internationally renowned research institutions, Fortune 500 and leading companies in the field of intelligent manufacturing. A.O. Smith was invited to attend the event, with the world's leading intelligent manufacturing enterprises to focus the world's intelligent manufacturing development, analytical development trend of intelligent manufacturing, and to discuss various practical applications for the manufacturing sector. A.O.史密斯分享智能制造之道

World Intelligent Manufacturing Assembly is to focus on international cooperation in the field of manufacturing event for the world of intelligent manufacturing industry set up R & D and high-end industrial docking platform, will play an outstanding contribution to the development of the industry in. The World Intelligent Manufacturing Assembly to "make more intelligent manufacturing" as the theme, take the form of "theme of the Forum + Experience Show" to arrange the opening ceremony, keynote presentations, cooperation and development forum, more than relevant professional forums and closing ceremonies and other links .


During the conference, AO Smith participated in the "AO Smith Intelligent Manufacturing Conference of the World - Jiangsu Night Talk" and "AO Smith - World Intelligent Manufacturing Assembly multilateral mechanisms for cooperation and development association," two themes Forum sharing experiences on how AO Smith adhere to the values ??and ethics of years created a successful process, and to play a leading role model in the field of intelligent manufacturing industry with the guests.


In the current manufacturing, particularly in the home appliance industry, leading manufacturing platform is one of the success factors of competition in the market, and AO Smith supercomputers in the world of production and research base in Nanjing, equipped with advanced energy-saving environmentally friendly products production line, using high-tech automated production technology, extensive use of industrial robots, welding, assembly and painting fully automatic intelligent control, is a typical application in the production of intelligent manufacturing.

Coincidentally, shortly before, A.O. Smith household electrical goods, household products and wall-mounted gas plant products Jiangsu Province, was named the first demonstration of intelligent workshop. The guests who have appreciated the A.O. Smith achievements in innovation and research and development of intelligent manufacturing. In the future, A.O. Smith will continue to support and participate in the work of intelligent manufacturing related areas of cooperation, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with industry, and jointly promote the development of innovation carrying the boat manufacturing industry in the world of intelligent front-line waves.

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