Dual 11 sales list- Haier water purifier sales lead channel

After several days of binge tenth one pair 11 festival ended. During the two-11 of this year, Haier water purification contrarian growth, a strong industry leader, more vision come true: Jingdong platform share in the first, Lynx ranked second; ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, pipelines, the whole house four categories of products tops the list of the first category, keeping three consecutive years.

depth optimize the user experience Haier water purifier single product, the category leader in both

a single product, Haier water purifier 603 series sold 1.5 million units, with high sales data confirms the user in mind explosion status paragraph. The water purifier filter upgraded intelligent reminder function, can monitor filter life situation, intelligent alerts for the core, allowing users in a timely manner for the core does not bother, drink fresh water. It can also retain the beneficial substances in drinking water, the removal of harmful substances such as chlorine gas present in tap water, sand and mud, bacteria, algae, etc., to protect drinking water health. In addition to a single product brisk performance, Haier large flux of water purification product sales increased 77%, an increase of 193% whole-house product, a reflection of the water industry high-end, personalized trend.


only the best products, water purification Haier also attaches great importance to continue to provide a better user experience with water, during the two-eleven, 72 hours delivery rate of 99.5%. Where to buy Haier water purifier in Lynx platform and other online users, you can enjoy "Exclusive +" intimate services, including the 7 days, 1 year replacement, repair kits 5 years, 3-year free transfer machine once and other benefits. In addition, the more than 12,000 outlets nationwide, more than 40,000 personnel of the after-sales Haier water purifier sales team, for the country to bring the fast-site service free.


"Good Water Life Festival" National Carnival brand IP good reputation

outstanding sales achievement, thanks to the user's brand identity. On the eve of this year, double 11, Haier water purifier home water purifier build intellectual IP "good water Life Festival", inspired by the user for drinking water quality concerns, invited well-known host Mark shared experience baby healthy drinking water, water purification experience featuring well-known network anchor officer total water of life, then good. Haier water purification station at the same time, outside the station were united 11 brands set up a "good water life alliance" in order to bring a temperature, there is the quality of spending spree.


in the microblogging platform, Haier water purification mall official microblogging joint sea enjoy rent, Roebuck coffee, decoration industry peak of koi and other brands launch raffle drumReed consumers say double 11 wish list of lucky draw prizes including access to clean water, including 12 Haier brand to offer. Meanwhile, Haier water purification together Fortune, Wealth smart devices, smart technology Xiaoshuai other well-known brands in the Lynx, Jingdong and other electronic business platform brand also launched a massive joint activities in order to bring the scene of the consumer experience.


from the transaction data, Haier purification bis 11 during the whole network a new high volume. Brisk market performance, is a manifestation of the best user reputation. Dual 11 this year, Haier water purifier not only at great-value user feedback incentives, more innovative activity gives the user a comprehensive and diverse consumer experience, to achieve a double detonation sales reputation. 11 double-wide network promotions Haier Although clean water is nearing completion, but has not yet ended, encore welfare is turned on, bring more benefits for consumers.

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