In addition to iron and manganese water purification equipment What makes a good


water containing iron and manganese and other substances, many people fear that it will harm our bodies. So what more concerned about water purification equipment to remove it. 2020-06-04 small series to introduce the addition of iron and manganese water purification equipment, what brand?

In addition ferromanganese means widely used in mineral water, pure water, in addition to pre-precipitate Fe and Mn, and previous works and geothermal pool water treatment works like iron and manganese removal. Whether it is drinking water and drinking water system to take the country there are stringent regulations. For example: in the mineral water, if the content exceeds the limit ferromanganese, it will produce precipitate. Membrane water treatment equipment and would have (such as reverse osmosis, electrodialysis) to not damage, affecting life. Then you know that in addition to iron and manganese water purification equipment, what brand okay?

First, small series production should be clear that there are many in addition to iron and manganese water purification equipment manufacturers nationwide, both applicable to industrial areas of large-scale industrial equipment, there are also home drinking water with a small device. Brand is also very much. Which is good to make direct judgment.

Therefore, with only small series to provide some valuable reference information. Such as its use of the characteristics and principles.

In addition to the main filter ferromanganese natural minerals as raw materials, through a series of complicated processes, through the modification made by granules of 0.5-2.0 mm, bulk specific gravity of 0.9, the color is gray-green. In addition to extremely sensitive to water, Fe, Mn, Fe, Mn media, as long as the presence of Fe and Mn, will be firmly adsorbed in the pores of the filter. In addition to Fe, Mn, adsorption and ion exchange type is, when the saturation adsorption filter, by a method of soaking a sodium hydroxide solution, to restore the original state, regenerated. The apparatus is reliable, as long as the predetermined time reproduced carefully, down to meet the requirements of Fe and Mn. The media life of up to 50 years, only 2% of filter loss every year, without replacement, compaction and no false fatigue, little affected by PH value size. The device is extremely low running costs, the water is clear and transparent, and to reduce other chemistry, physics, toxicology, heavy metals and other indicators.

If you buy the product can achieve these targets, then the product is guaranteed.

through these presentations, I am sure you know that pure water equipment knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask:? Families with small make it necessary to install water purification equipment at homeTing drinking small knowledge base to find the answer is yes, ride it, you can rest assured that the drinking water at home.

Editor: Zhang Fu