An article a comprehensive understanding of water purifier

Xiao Bian finishing basic knowledge related to water purification, reading this article will be a basic understanding of water purifier friends ~


Why should I use the water purifier [ 123]

1 water has a crucial role for health than

70% of all human tissues under water, normal cycle, every four to six weeks, the body of water will all cycle updated.

"water - ordinary, filtered water - is a neglected but essential nutrients, it may make you healthier, more energetic, live longer required the missing ingredient was. "

2 daily tap water has many harmful substances

the main problem of drinking water is usually disinfected with chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals in several major pollutants . These pollutants that harm our body can not be broken down or excreted, so over time continues to accumulate in our body, eventually causing irreversible damage to our bodies.

is, for example, chloro cause atherosclerosis and associated underlying causes such as heart failure and is the most common form of burst. During the chlorination, with chlorine natural organic matter, humic combine to form a potential carcinogenic trihalomethanes.

3 may use a water safe to drink

Household water purifiers can effectively separating and removing impurities in the water of various pollutants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, and other volatile substances harmful substances, retention of minerals and trace elements in water, water taste good after being purified, weakly alkaline water is safe to drink without boiling, it is home to the best drinking water solutions.


How to choose the water purifier

Water filtration common on the market microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis (the RO), corresponding to the following substances may be contained in tap water, filtration capacity as follows:

. 1, prefilter products

Function: filter the general macroscopic large particles of impurities, e.g. sediment, rust, red worms and other substances.


① product simple structure, small volume, clear filtration accuracy (5μ, 50μ, 100μ), traffic flow;

② can discharge, long filter life, low failure rate.

③ protect downstream equipment, such as high-grade faucet is not blocked, the precipitate less water heater and the like:


limited functionality only filter larger than the set filter precision impurities, similar to the yellow water, black water, smell of water, alkaline water, scale, heavy metals can not be removed, because the filtration principle take sieved pipeline water pressure slightly affected.

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