Hui Ni Feisi water purifier pointed out a variety of environmental restoration path

惠尼菲斯净水器 指出水环境修复需多种路径

● The proportion of black smelly river down to less than 10% of the target is very high, some of the urgent need to establish governance mechanisms, the power of government departments urgent integration

● In urban areas, agriculture is the largest water industry, about 70% of the water used for agriculture, energy production also need to rely on water resources, must be considered to solve the problem through technological innovation

● attention on underground urban drainage, water supply and other very low, water security problems caused by the worthy of attention. Countries have underground pipe network, construction of secondary water into the budget

Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Hao recently pointed out that "our country is currently facing a shortage of water resources, water pollution and many other issues, environmental restoration will be the focus of future governance. flood control systems engineering, covering water supply, water pollution prevention, to keep the water ecology, aquaculture and other various levels of development, must be multi-pronged approach, concerted efforts. "he was in the 2015 Boao Forum for Asia meeting "water security and soil pollution" to do this represented on the sub-forum.

In recent years, water pollution control, water security has become a topic of increasing concern to society. Why continue to promote governance, but slow improvement? Water environment, water security, urban river black-odor problem why not? These also become a hot topic of this forum.

standard has not enough strength, but also the absence of ecological restoration

should not only consider the project from the start which links most likely to achieve a breakthrough, but also has a self-reflection of living water purification function of why the "dead" the government still remain in the state of bull management.

In recent years, although my country has increased water pollution control efforts, but the water pollution problem is still very grim. To solve the problem, we must find the source of pollution. So, where water environment management is difficult to achieve good results in the crux?

"The new environmental laws implemented this year as the most stringent environmental laws, but to achieve the treatment effect, there is still a way to go." new environmental laws and "water ten" cornerstone of law enforcement is "discharge standards", and this is the standard of environmental protection start-up period with reference to North American and European emission standards enacted.

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