Clean water sources- relying on film technology upgrades and energy-saving

[Who's] Liang Hui, Ecological Environment Research Center, Chinese Academy of Ecology master, senior engineer, is rich in water purification technology research and development, production and marketing experience, it is a "large-scale membrane bioreactor control group", "an adopted membrane group one important design art compact small sewage biological treatment's "and other patents. 21 years in the water environment, waste water treatment technology, membrane manufacturing and technology research and development, and achieved outstanding results in the field of water treatment membrane wastewater treatment landscape and urban law, participation and presided over the completion of the six national key scientific research projects and Beijing the research tasks. 梁辉

Liang Hui

Editor's note: In the beginning of the creation beam total clean water source that is added to the entrepreneurial team, concentrating on technology development. Clean water sources by the end of 2010 entered the water purification market, total Liang served as general manager of Beijing Origin Water Water Technology Co., Ltd., the introduction of professionals from home and abroad, set up a research and development, production and management team. Under his leadership, the clean water source clean water a short span of three years, the water quality for the domestic launched a microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis low-voltage, ultra-low pressure film nanofiltration membrane as the core technology of water purification products, creating a professional net water film era, have developed a variety of forward-looking water purification products and services in community drinking water safety, such as graft networking technology that allows service "net" under control. Free installation WaterPad ultra-thin portable water purifier healthier, more convenient, low-pressure reverse osmosis water plant mini WaterPlant no waste no barrel large flux, the world premiere of ultra-low pressure nanofiltration water purifier genuine health and safety, energy saving and environmental protection. Clean water source to water purification industry to bring new perspective of development, already expose edge in the industry, while highly recognized outside the industry.

sort: multi-membrane water purification industry development status

appeared membrane technology, is seen as a "revolution" water treatment technology. The so-called "membrane" as a filtered water can "screen" the surface of the microporous film by effectively filter out impurities in the water, thereby obtaining clean water. We can meet the requirements of high-purity industrial water and landscape water use by municipal wastewater treatment membrane technology, and in terms of desalination, groundwater purification can be achieved by direct drinking standard. Through this technology can make urban sewage, industrial water recycled repeatedly, thereby achieving zero emissions. It can be said membrane bioreactor is one of the most advanced sewage treatment technology, not only can solve the sewage and reclaimed water conversion, while addressing water pollution and water shortageThe issue, one of the most promising membrane technology of water treatment technology known as the 21st century. Membrane separation technology shift from large-scale industrial applications as an energy efficient new separation purification technology, the vast majority are in the water purification products using membrane technology, we can say that nine out of ten film products, widely used in water purification membranes field to achieve the effect of double combination of technology and market.

The type field of water purification membrane ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), reverse osmosis (RO) membrane with a pore size such as several microfiltration membrane (MF),. Microfiltration can remove suspended solids and bacteria, viruses and macromolecules separable ultrafiltration, nanofiltration hardness portion toxic compounds, heavy metals and pesticides may be removed, reverse osmosis can remove almost all impurities. Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions in the membrane technology, especially nanofiltration, as the century of preferred water purification technology.

The total Liang said:. "Water quality problems in the early development of the industry, the field of water purification urgent solution focused on two pathogens and insects complications, more applications are microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes with China's rapid economic development, water universally organics, heavy metals, pesticides, chemical pollution prominent, reverse osmosis membrane-based water purification product was well received, but the reverse osmosis water is too pure, consumers are generally considered inadequate nutrition, and nanofiltration film decontamination capacity is much higher than the ultrafiltration membrane, and also ensure the safety of water, while preserving minerals and trace elements needed by the human body part, so nanofiltration this years show rapid development trend. [123 ]

in order to meet consumer demand, combined with a variety of membrane as the core of the water purification products become mainstream, reasonable structure design and a variety of filter configurations, such as activated carbon, KDF and so on, it is to protect the household water is absolutely safe, also provides a water supply needs, such as a reverse osmosis membrane and the membrane ultra Release combining dual water machine, purified water while providing ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis purified water to meet the household cooking, tea, soup, medicine , drinking water and other different water needs. water industry with the film as the core product development boom has shown signs of scale war film within the next few years, the industry will have far-reaching impact, and China can not effectively control water pollution, water environment will deteriorate further will increase the pace of development of water purification membrane purification technology

core: the key to large-scale development in the membrane

most years, China's entire water purification industry has shown rapid development momentum, the Chinese market net water penetration rate is still insufficient, only 2% growth rateBut up to 30% -50%, Guangzhou and other major cities north water purifier growth rate of more than 100%, the utilization rate has reached 13%. According to the national statistics department data, the total output value in 2014 water purifier is about 60 billion, industry experts also expect 2016 domestic water purifier market capacity exceeded 100 billion mark. With the advance of industrialization, environmental issues have become increasingly outbreak of water, Chinese water market has ushered in a phase of great development. The core of the rapid development of the industry is fast tracking technology, clean water is the core of the membrane, membrane technology directly determine product quality and market position.

However, independent research and development of early membrane technology can not many companies, film products and cutting-edge technology represents the field of separation technology level is still dominated by only a few developed countries. Rely on strict blockade of technology, the implementation of price monopoly on exports. The reason, on the one hand, the development of membrane technology need to invest a lot of money; on the other hand, the degree of precision of the technical requirements also affect the manufacturers of independent research and development capabilities, leading past the vast majority of film applications need to rely on imports.

According to Industry Research Institute "2011--2015 China's film industry depth research and investment strategic planning analysis report" shows that over the past 50 years, my country's film industry has entered a rapid growth stage. Ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis and other membrane technologies in energy, electricity, non-ferrous metallurgy, desalination, engineering scale for water treatment, wastewater reuse in areas such as food and medicine rapidly expanding number of large membrane feed water has a symbolic significance engineering, wastewater reuse has been built with engineering and desalination projects. Our film industry output value of 200 million yuan from 1994 to 2014 rose nearly 100 billion yuan. Since the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, my country in the development of new membrane separation membranes and membrane types of manufacturing technology innovation and application of membrane technology engineering at the forefront of the world. Currently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Industry and other ministries membrane technology has been included in the "second five" major industrial technology to be special support.

State Environmental Protection Administration of Environmental Planning Institute predicts that investment in wastewater treatment, "five" and "Thirteen Five" period of China respectively amounted to 1.05 trillion yuan and 1.39 trillion yuan, of which the industrial and urban sewage the investment management were up 435.5 billion yuan and 459 billion yuan. In this context, membrane technology in the next decade will usher in major development. Double promotion market demand and industrial policy, expected within the next ten years our countryMembrane water treatment project will be 40% of the annual growth rate of development, film production value growth rate will reach more than 20%, Chinese film market will account for 15% to 20% of the world's total demand film market.

With the extensive application of membrane technology and the rapid development of my country's film industry, domestic local film production industry will be more rapid development of China's independent brand creation. Some domestic integrated stronger companies have mastered the film manufacturing process, reducing the cost of product applications, while also providing greater possibilities for the popularity of civilian water purification water purifier market, but also as an independent business development opened the way, the clean water source in membrane treatment technology can be said to be exploring a domestic water purifier business representatives on independent research and development road.

clean water source is currently the world's leading technology, the membrane material manufacturers at the forefront of the scale and film products, is the only company that has a large-scale microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membranes and low production capacity of nanofiltration film production companies. The produced ultrafine filter ultrahigh strength and GE, Mitsubishi par performance and advanced technology, the production of a reverse osmosis membrane has reached the advanced level.

In addition clean water source has a world-class international film R & D base, and Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and other Universities in-depth international cooperation, with nearly 150 people in R & D team membranes, membrane technology has been at the international forefront. For home, civilian water purification market, the clean water source has developed a high strength PVDF hollow fiber microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ultra-low-voltage low-pressure nanofiltration water purification machines as a new generation of core purification materials, to overcome the current market there is a product defect.

Total Leung said: clean water source frangible membrane employed where yarn membrane water purification products currently on the market reinforcing support layer, the film strands continuously to avoid; in addition, direct fiber membrane drying process, no glycerol protection solution, does not require extensive cleaning prolonged use, the maximum saving the user's cost and maintenance. With such high-strength hollow fiber PVDF membrane, the clean water source of the two-film technique developed WaterPad series ultra-thin portable water purifier, and has won wide acceptance in the market. 2014 successfully developed a super-clean water source nanofiltration, broke through gaps in the history of China in the field of membrane technology, and launched the first super nanofiltration water purification machines, "safe, healthy, low-carbon" - no power, low waste water complete removal of scale and other impurities retain beneficial minerals belong to an industry first.

Prospects: nanofiltration energy saving bright future

domestic water purifier market in order to occupy the mainstream ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, in particular reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) as the core of pure water occupies 50 % or more of the market share. The advantages of reverse osmosis water is water safe, but the reverse osmosis membrane was originally intended for industrial use and heavy pollution of water purification developed for the purpose, not for home water purification consideration. Many families in after a period of use water machine really feel the improvement in water quality, there is no such scale, the taste of water is also very good, but the concentrated waste water also attracted the attention of consumers. Tap water as a source of household or commercial direct drinking water treatment, desalination rate is more important is to consider the health and safety purposes, so no high. The world are facing water scarcity situation, discharge water concentration, nor in line with national policies for sustainable development. So concentrate in the end come from? Can reduce their emissions? This is the question that must be considered the sound development of the industry.

The total beam explains: "the principle of reverse osmosis is pure water, which is generally a low concentration so that the flow of high water concentration, the power supply pressure after use, becomes a high concentration by the flow of low concentration, so that the water through 0.0001 microns of precision RO membrane filter to remove the raw water (tap water) to all substances other than water molecules, both beneficial and harmful substances. situ during reverse osmosis water inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organics, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities can not pass through the RO membrane, so that the water does not pass through a portion of the solute due to increased formation of concentrated water, in an actual terminal, most of this water is formed by directly discharging waste water drain, waste water generally water machine parallelism is 1: 3, the rate of waste water of course is also machine temperature-dependent, due to the physical characteristics of the actions of the RO membrane, an RO membrane sensitive to changes in water temperature of the water, RO membranes are most suitable temperature 25 ℃, because water temperature reduce, increase the viscosity of the water molecules through the membrane, diffusion properties decrease, linearly decrease the water flow, water temperature decrease per 1 ℃, water production is lowered from 2.5% to 3.0%, thereby resulting in a more concentrated water. [123 ]

However, the problem of water for the concentrate at this stage is inevitable, and household water purifier is based on the mass of consumers, as reflected in the user's "wastewater than" the problem has caused a lot of importance to manufacturers of water purification, many enterprises in the technical aspects of their products, and reduce "waste ratio" at the same time, the expense of RO membranesLife.

all aspects of development, the nanofiltration technique is the best drinking water treatment technology: water that meets the safety and health problems, but also significantly reduce waste water discharge rate, can really make the industry towards green development of environmentally friendly direction. Nanofiltration is a membrane separation technology is interposed between the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, which is a molecular weight cutoff in the range of 80 to 1,000. Filtration accuracy much better than ultrafiltration, waste a lot less than RO, waste water discharge rate under normal circumstances, the RO unit is 1: 3, and the waste water discharge machine can be achieved nanofiltration ratio 1: 0.3 level of sodium compared to the filter RO machine, saving rate of 40 to 65%. Nanofiltration is not only to provide quality drinking water technology, and is a water and energy saving technology, has a very significant operating cost advantages. For example, when the water production 1m3 / h, 65% power than RO nanofiltration. 300 days a year by running meter, three years can save electricity 13,320 yuan, about the advantage from the energy point of view is quite obvious.

So either way POU or waterworks overall solution is very applicable. From the future development trend of the industry is concerned, nanofiltration products more market prospects.

clean water source in Huairou District, the film industry base

From the current market share, nanofiltration and not widely used in the home market, and asked the reason, the total Liang explained: First, nanofiltration RO membrane manufacturing process than the process of film production complex; secondly, the high cost of procurement nanofiltration, and this is why the majority of overall manufacturing companies rarely choose to use a nanofiltration membrane of the important reasons. These factors affect the further development of nanofiltration technology, increasingly scarce water resources from the global trend, the future will certainly nanofiltration occupy the mainstream market.


new source of clean water has been in membrane technology research and development international perspective, in recent years a breakthrough in the study of nanofiltration technology, clean water source to launch in early 2014, it has been applied Carolina filter technology, leading technology trend of the water industry.

patented super clear water source open PVDF membrane: continue to pull, easy to clean, this ultra-low-voltage large flux of NF membrane technology

clean water sources is costly, imported from the United States Anti permeable membrane production line, which lasted two years, nearly 100 domestic and foreign experts to participate in research and development, specifically for the civilian market development complete with water purification membrane product saving energy and water efficiency.At the same time ultra-low pressure nanofiltration membrane to remove bacteria and viruses in water, pesticide residues, scale, heavy metals and other toxic substances in all, also retained some of the beneficial nutrients, it can not overcome the ultrafiltration membranes to remove heavy metals and scale, reverse osmosis membrane water too pure shortcomings. By the ultra-low nanofiltration membrane out of the water differs from traditional water purifier pure water, it is a health and safety Paradise, the most suitable for the human body needs water. When the nanofiltration membrane ultra-low pressure of water needs only 2-3 kg pressure, low energy; greater throughput, without increasing the membrane area of ??the premise, higher water production, waste water only 1: 0.3; low-pressure sodium membrane easier to clean, the service life of 3 to 4 years. Clean water source in 2014 to promote the listing of products on behalf of D402 and D468 Super nanofiltration water purification machines net drink machine desktops, already on the market.

Thus, the nanofiltration membrane using low-pressure water purifier can not overcome the removal of heavy metals and scale ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis machine acid is too large, pure water too, a large amount of wastewater disadvantages both healthy and achieve safe, energy-saving and water-saving new generation of home water purification equipment. Not only clean water source in the future focus on product promotion, is also the main direction of development of the water industry, a bright future.