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How about prospects for household water market? With the pollution is getting worse, people are increasingly concerned about the safety of drinking water, due to the traditional state-owned water supply enterprise development lag, lack of financial resources, it is difficult to solve the problem of pollution of drinking water for urban residents a short time. In June 2005, the Ministry of Construction promulgated the new "Urban water quality standards" (CJ / T206-2005), but because of local financial difficulties, except for a few places, most of the area is difficult to fully implement, ultimately, to stay form, become a dead letter. Such a large system renovation project, the state investment alone is not enough, we must attract large amounts of private capital in order to ultimately solve the problem. Which determines the water treatment industry, the market prospects are very bright. After years of straight drinking water machine market development, market development mature, stable product quality, reduce production costs further, consumers quality water supply, drinking water awareness is increasing. This allows direct drinking water machine in every household possible. Product life cycle from the market point of view, too early into the market will be highly profitable high-risk, early and mid-market will be high-profit low-risk, high late into the market will be low-risk profits. Straight drinking water machine market also belong to the early stage of the market, business development around the uneven, low price transparency, monopolies brand is difficult to produce. Only a handful of similar enterprises, industry competition is relatively small, relatively large profit margins. Currently water purification huge market demand, water purifier replacement is imminent. Straight drink pure water as bottled water replacement time is ripe. According to foreign experience in the development of quality of water supply and water for drinking straight, now is the best time into the market, the poor have at least 3-5 years blue water machine equipment well the golden age of high profits, focusing on water market nearly years, established a sound marketing model, while creating a strong successor support system. This enables agents to join without feeling the stones, in the experience of smaller investments without water market conditions, and they can be successful