What conditions for joining Huajin age is-

Where Huajin era in the end the good news? 2018 is bound to be an extraordinary year for the industry, from environmental protection to security, up from artificial materials rose, rose accessories products can not rise, the water purification industry has gone through too much. In the storm, Huajin era mainstay, the waves stop Feizhou. So join Huajin era what conditions, and what matters need to pay attention to it? Hua Jin era joining conditions and requirements 1, good brand management capabilities, share our business philosophy 2, there is a long-term brand conscious experience 3, there is enough money and confidence to ensure the completion of the basic sales tasks set by the company 4, build in line with our the standard image of the store, have the basic foundation established distribution network 5, with some business management skills and team-building experience 6, good service control capabilities, independent of the installation team, timely and proper handling of customer complaints 7, with the promotion of regional industry product marketing experience, preferably with experience in sales of similar products 8, has a professional market, operational management experience and familiar with the relevant market and in possession of material advantages 9, have a good business reputation, professionalism and personal reputation Hua Jin era join Overview brand origin: Sichuan Chengdu brand founded: trademark registration number: for the crowd: self-employed business model: distribution development model: distribution business products / services: kitchen water purifier, whole house water purification, commercial water purification joining / Acting regional: National Huajin join era policies and the advantages of 1, brand licensing and use: get the right brand management agency in the region, and with the promotion of enterprises to enhance the influence and appeal of shops. 2, regional protection: no cross-business area reset. 3, store brand: standard store design renovation program, terminal form a unified brand image. 4, business counseling training: to provide franchisees shopping guide, business, service training. 5, store operations management support: provides leading support business strategy and market management storefront. Through the above description, we understand China Tianjin era is not it? If you want to know more information about joining, please call or message advice Huajin era!