Changchun water treatment with remarkable self-purification capacity enhancement

With urbanization, water pollution prominent, seriously affecting people's lives. It is reported that, in order to solve this problem, in the city of Changchun Yitong River and other key parts management, upgrading sewage treatment plants, sewage interception and network transformation, black and odorous water management and ecological construction in the surrounding waters and other efforts to carry out water treatment. After Shitoukoumen and to Xinlicheng Reservoir water quality monitoring and 9 per month for surface water monitoring sections of the Songhua River, Yinma, Yitong and other monitoring, Changchun City, the city's drinking water source to water quality compliance rate 100%, mainly river water quality was gradually improved momentum control effects of water significantly.

长春市水体治理成效显著 水体自净能力增强

Changchun City water treatment with remarkable self-purification capacity enhancement (Photo from Internet)

sewage treatment scale-up

Changchun City now there are 12 sewage treatment plants, with a total design capacity of 1.625 million tons per day, the actual volume is 999,400 tons per day; a sludge treatment plant design capacity of 400 tons per day, the actual processing of 200 tons per day. The face of a growing number of daily amount of sewage discharge, Changchun City launched a new sewage treatment plant renovation project and mentioned standard: New handsome, string lake, north ten and 11 sewage treatment plants; DiBiao Transformation of western sewage treatment plants, sewage southeast Ka-day treatment plants and wastewater treatment plant and other six sewage treatment plants.

As of now, the handsome new sewage treatment plant project has been completed, the western sewage treatment plant to mention 70% of total marked the completion of renovation project progress, Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant, the day Kerry Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion and renovation project mentioned standard, south, west, Shuangyang sewage treatment plant under construction DiBiao transformation in water through the end of 2017. North ten new sewage treatment plant project has been completed site preparation, it is expected by the end of 2018 through the water.

black-odor water treatment

Changchun announced the first batch of 37 black-odor water bodies has been submitted to the national black-odor water remediation monitoring platform. By the beginning of the year and the actual Mo Pai water quality detection and identification, to determine the new black-odor water body 38. Currently, 75 black-odor water bodies have been implemented remediation units and persons responsible, approved the project 61, has made 54 approved the feasibility study, started in regulation 28. Currently, catfish ditch, dry mist in the Haihe River valley and seven water bodies closure has completed the task, expected in April next year to complete the dredging work by the end of 2017 basically eliminate black-odor water built-up area.

self-purification capacity enhancement

To improve the water environment, enhance self-purification capacity, from 2014 onwards, in Changchun City Xinlicheng implementation of eco-releasing reservoir. In September, Xinlicheng Reservoir continuous releasing a month, the total releasing one hundred million cubic meters, to ensure that the needs of the Yitong River landscapes deposit of water, to purify water quality. Improve the river water storage facilities, the use of Sluice water potential conditions, the ability to increase the flow of water, the stagnant water become alive, dirty water.

constructed the "rivers and lakes communication" system, give full play to the pond, the water storage capacity and depression ecological restoration capability, to achieve connectivity of rivers and lakes, flowing water Freemasons, enhance self-purification capacity. In the completion of the construction of Lotus Lake Park, string and handsome garden, flowing water park, memories of the island on the basis of ecological water system, to carry out bird island, wild walled pond construction and connection of river. Use of existing ponds water ecosystems management, by planting aquatic plants, fish breeding silver carp and other filter to achieve biological flood control, water purification. (Source: HC purification network)