● Xishan Wang Xing water first Marketing Business School Gifted

July 8 to 11, four days and three nights, water Wang Xing Business School for Gifted marketing the first phase, to be held in Suzhou Taihu Xishan Summer Bay, facing the country more than 200 channels of the elite levels, the whole closed training, top secret martial arts expert, Wang Xing water to create Space Marines. Dean

School Jianglin Han poem: summer lake views, the elite co-P Plus Suzhou, one hundred billion market map providers were cited, sharpen the blade Pimi bitter cold.

西山 ● 水王星商学院第一期营销特训

西山 ● 水王星商学院第一期营销特训

The training session lasted four days and three nights, various technical and marketing strongman water from the headquarters of Wang Xing people have power Share a variety of dry goods and hands-on experience with you. At the meeting, from across the country agents, distributors as students generally listened carefully explain lecturer include product expertise, corporate culture, career success mentality, store management, sales technique and transactions, how investment, market development and other professional courses, and carefully documented with positive questions, a warm atmosphere, although during the training, sleep time is compressed to 4-5 hours, but the classroom, we are still full of energy, full of positive energy.

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