High-low water purifier price list

Before selecting water purifier should first clear their needs, taking into account environmental factors, such as water quality, but also taking into account the budget. Common water purifier mainly nanofiltration membrane or super-filtration membrane filtration and activated carbon filtration membrane composite-based, water purifiers can choose from five points to observe, if these points do I believe we can choose to suit their own water purifier. 高低档净水器价格表

1, the effect of different purification purifier different structure

In general, a water purification filter of simple structure, based activated carbon, filtered limited capacity, can only be used use a coarse filter, the filter is preferably heated to boil water to drink. Most of a water purifier filter are low water purification products, each priced between ten to $ 150.

2, multi-stage water purification filter

This purifier has two coarse filter and a fine filter set, and a multi-hollow fiber fine filter cartridge, a filtered water can be directly drink. Multi-stage filtration water purifier are mid-range water purification products, each priced between 300-500 yuan, acceptable to the working class, there are more families.

3, ultrafiltration nanofiltration water purification machines

multiple levels of pre-filtration and ultrafiltration membrane composition, can be trapped most of the bacteria, harmful substances, is separated from the world filtering effect is most desirable drinking water purification means, while retaining the advantageous mineral elements in the human body, and then take advantage of the activated carbon and KDF water effective to inhibit the breeding of bacteria, fungi and remove color, smell, ensure that the filter the use of more safe and healthy water.

and water production, wastewater discharge a small amount of time in the family kitchen so the use of more efficient, convenient, without waiting for a long time. Mass consumer goods belongs, in the price range 1000-5000 yuan according to different requirements of each.

4, reverse osmosis water

is treated groundwater and rural water purification water purification effect of the best products. It has three pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane microfiltration and a post-filter. Filtered water free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds, minerals and heterochromatic odor, is a pure water to drink without heating. Such reverse osmosis water purification are high-end products, each priced between 3000-5000 yuan.

Tips: Try real in the official flagship store or lineBody shop to buy goods, to avoid buying counterfeit products!