Heavy water pollution control atmospheric haze and strengthen monitoring of the sewage

China Building Materials News: During the two sessions held, Premier Li Keqiang said on the 5th government work report this year to intensify environmental control, and promote green development to achieve new breakthroughs. Pollution, protect the environment, related to people's health and sustainable development, we must promote a strong, determined to embark on a win-win economic development and environmental improvement of the road.

大气雾霾和水污染 加强企业排污监测

heavy water pollution control atmospheric haze and strengthen the monitoring of sewage (Photo from Internet)

heavy atmospheric haze and pollution control [ 123]

this COD, ammonia emissions to be decreased by 2%, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emissions decreased by 3%, respectively, the fine particles in key areas (of PM2.5) concentrations continued to decline. Focus their efforts on reducing coal emissions and vehicle emissions. Strengthening the clean and efficient use of coal, reducing bulk coal use, promote electricity instead of coal, substitution of gas for coal. The full implementation of ultra low emission coal-fired power plants and energy saving. Accelerate the phase-out of coal-fired boilers do not meet the mandatory standards. Jing Chuan boiler steam flow meter, saving production costs, the intention of metering, saving emissions, efficient use of steam production and increase the supply of natural gas, perfect wind, solar, biomass and other development support policies to improve the proportion of clean energy. Straw encourage resource utilization, reduce direct incineration. Comprehensive promotion vehicle fuel standard five countries, out of yellow cars and old cars 3.8 million. Implementation of atmospheric pollution joint prevention and control in key areas. Comprehensively promote urban sewage treatment facilities construction and reconstruction, strengthen the comprehensive agricultural nonpoint source pollution and water environment governance.

increase industrial pollution sources on-line monitoring the full implementation of polluting industries. Strengthen environmental protection inspector. The newly revised Environmental Protection Law must be strictly enforced, superovulation waste-water treatment must crack down on appeasement must be seriously investigated. Jing Chuan sewage flow meter has been used extensively for: wastewater treatment plant in Shantou, Guangdong wastewater treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant in Xiamen, Tibet wastewater treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant in Shandong, Zhangzhou sewage plant and other enterprises to provide accurate data to support the national sewage treatment.

vigorously develop energy-saving environmental protection industry to expand the coverage of green standards

support the promotion of energy saving advanced technology and equipment, contract energy management and extensive third-party environmental pollution control. Increase building energy-saving efforts, speed up the transformation of traditional manufacturing green. Develop a nationwide energy-saving, water-saving actions to promote garbage classificationProcessing, sound renewable resource recycling network, energy-saving and environmental protection industry into a pillar industry of my country's development.

to strengthen the construction of ecological security barrier to protect and improve the ecological compensation mechanism

to stop commercial logging of natural forests, a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidy incentives. Promote integrated pilot control groundwater overexploitation, the implementation of wetland protection and restoration project, to continue combating desertification, soil erosion and desertification. Jing Chuan sewage flow meter has major sewage plants, food plants, tanneries, textile mills, chemical plants, steel mills and other industrial applications, for enterprises to monitor their own emissions a force, protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility. Every member of society must conscientiously act, to build a beautiful China to contribute.