Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration- more equipment to reduce the consumption of plastic bo

According to Hong Kong radio station website reported recently, Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Matthew Cheung published a blog that in order to reduce the consumption of plastic bottled water target in three years in government premises, such as Government Offices, public open space, and is located in private buildings government service centers, installed 500 fountains. The number of drinking fountains in these venues by 2700 increased to 3200, an increase of about 19%.

Speaking at the blog that it had decided to give priority to occupy the entire disposal of plastic waste containers, plastic beverage containers to about 60%, and to take forward the producer responsibility scheme.

is currently preparing a pilot scheme in the second half, to evaluate the use of "reverse vending machine", the collection of waste plastic beverage containers performance and effectiveness, as well as transporting plastic bottles collected by local recyclers for further processing operational details.

Mr Cheung said, to promote the importance kitchen waste source reduction, recovery and recycling work, the second and third phases of the North District and Yuen Long Sha Ling Shek Kong "organic recycling center 'every day each capable of processing 300 tons of kitchen waste, it is desirable first put into operation in 2022 and 2026.

(Source: WASHINGTON, invasion deleted)