Although water purifiers are not recognized by the public but market penetration is an inevitable tr

Although water purifiers are not recognized by the public, but each will be installed, the popularity of the market is an inevitable trend!

In recent years, with frequent domestic water pollution, people healthy drinking water the growth in demand is also very, water purifiers began to be accepted by more and more people. The current water purifier is mainly divided into domestic and commercial water purifier water purifier two categories. The number of large and small water purifier brand has more than four thousand, industry more competitive.

last year, the entire appliance industry growth rate of only 0.25%, while the water purifier market growth rate of more than 60%. Is expected in the next five years, my country's water purifier market will reach 300 billion or size. Although my country water purifier market sales data is good, but our water purifier market is still in its infancy.

According to "China home water purifier industry market forward planning and investment analysis." Data show that Europe and other developed countries purifier penetration rate of up to 80%, while the purifier penetration rate of only 5 % -8%, while the family unit usage is less than 2%. In addition, domestic water purifier market development started late, lack of uniform standards, products on the market varies greatly, the lack of brand awareness. Neither Kingdoms trend has not come out on top, low market concentration.

From the point of view of our times, is a water purifier market prospects are very broad spectrum of industries. Due to lack of good control water pollution in the case of a period of time, people coupled with the demand for higher and higher standards of living, household water safety and health, after all, the need to maintain water purifier. Therefore, water purifiers generally to every household only a matter of time.

With the introduction of large-scale production of advanced production technology advances and production equipment, water purification industry is inevitable. Future development of the water industry to be based on demand, environmental protection and services. Quality is the only way to win the future development of the industry market.