Buy water purifier should pay attention to what issues net of the spring to tell you

Need to buy water purifier water purifier major problem which is now becoming a common water appliances consumer goods. But many consumers are not very understanding of water purifier. Net of the spring water purifier in here to give you a detailed introduction, I hope we can bring some reference.

to purchase a water purifier which requires major problem

1, water purifier is the good? Or foreign brands better?

In fact, this problem has plagued the majority of consumers , in fact, enough to buy a water purifier filtration technology inherent key is to look used, which is commonly referred to as the core technology. In some places the water home abroad can be directly consumed so already very clean. Well equipped in such a case the water purifier is not necessarily in line with the conditions of our country. So household water purifiers or choose domestic brands is better, which is more in line with actual conditions of our country more targeted.

to purchase a water purifier which requires major problem

2, where water purifier If you are using the same material, the performance will be very different it?

the same kind of materials, technology, process, performance will be very different. For example, there is a net of the spring water purifier using the platform is more stringent than other products of the three core eight purification, not only can provide good taste, and safe, sterile, retain beneficial minerals and trace amounts of water element. This is a light product with a number of patented invention net of the spring. Table nanomembrane ultrafiltration, a circulating filter structure integrated, intelligent automatic flush.

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