Falan Ni upgraded CCTV water purifier to join hands to upgrade the market share expected to be high

Into May, went to the water purification industry sales season. In this May, the water purification industry battle for market share has been kicked off.

In recent years, the development of water purification industry. Continued intense competition in the market gradually moving towards the water purification industry standardization process, many of the water purifier brand disappeared, either because of serious problems with the quality of end-user confidence, either because there is no bid for the national compulsory health permits, and more there are mostly due to the bid document health permits, but was rejected because the test failed, also part of the implementation of the development of the Great Leap Forward, by seeking to cover advertising crazy market, but they ignore the most core business of terminal sales links.

法兰尼净水器携手央视提质升级 市场占有率有望再创新高

However, the industry is worth Fortunately brands like Angel water purifier, Falan Ni water purifiers, water purifiers and other Patio has gradually accelerated the market possession speed. From market analysis point of view, these brands are all not their core strengths. Angel With a single paragraph A6 superior performance is, indeed, the water purification industry sales of traditional channels of a single paragraph champions firmly in the hands of the palm. The water purifier Falan Ni as the backbone of the power of the water purification industry, in a market with many years of operating experience in the team carefully operations, becoming one of the few industry while achieving ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis two or more of the national health permits this document water purification business. And access to the CCTV broadcast advertising by CCTV strict qualification examination, Falan Ni water purifier CCTV advertising CCTV synchronization hit April 24. At the same time Falan Ni adhere to the quality of products based on the application of a number of products of national patents, and authorized the use of a number of industry core technology patents. Falan Ni water purifier is one of the water purification industry product quality and customer experience of the highest-rated water purifier brand.

March 30, 2017, Falan Ni water purification Group and the major channel CCTV signed a strategic cooperation agreement, April 24 Falan Ni brand took the lead in the CCTV CCTV-7 "rich" section prime time (21: 00-21: 10) began broadcasting, CCTV-2 and CCTV-1, CCTV-10 will be followed by its high frequency appearances, for the national television audience will be a new round of strong branding and publicity .

法兰尼净水器携手央视提质升级 市场占有率有望再创新高

times, take off, water purifiers top ten brands in the market competition is becoming increasingly grim today, Falan Ni water purifier company insist on quality first, service superBefore marketing idea, in the end water purifier market sales summed up a set Falan Ni unique marketing system, direct help agents solve the dilemma water purifier sales process can not be profitable.

法兰尼净水器携手央视提质升级 市场占有率有望再创新高

In the company's original URM + depth of the water purification process of strong support, the company joined forces with industry giants raw materials, to create a low-carbon energy saving home water purification system. That is why, Falan Ni water purifier with share core technology and high-quality water purification system in Terminal Services terminal water purifier market a new high! Falan Ni water industry has become a shining star! Current law Lenny water purifier corporate videos being hit on CCTV, we believe there will be more end-user to understand this bring to clean water for themselves and their families through the water purifier brand promo!

法兰尼净水器携手央视提质升级 市场占有率有望再创新高 [123 ] 2017 since April 24, Falan Ni brand image broadcasting will be with you there or be square with you in the CCTV-1, CCTV-2, CCTV-7, CCTV-10 prime-time, do not forget to watch yo!

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