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碧水源纳滤净水机保留矿物质 呵护儿童健康成长

In recent years, deteriorating water environment, children's health and drinking water become the focus of public attention. Some experts said the prevalence of children with the drinking water quality is closely related to children's drinking water can not be too "pure", easily lead to inadequate intake of mineral elements, low immunity, and even skeletal dysplasia, slow growth and other symptoms.

"after 80" white-collar Xiao Xin baby boy three years ago, the family good care of the child, give the child food and clothing are the best. After the child is born, Xiao Xin installed at home to Taiwan RO water, regardless of water, milk punch, or are used for cooking water after filtration so that the water is not contaminated, the children good health.

But in recent months, the child of unknown causes frequent colds, after the hospital only to find the child potassium and calcium, trace elements. In this regard, the doctor said, although the water meet the health standards, but long-term consumption can easily destroy the body's acid-base balance, especially child is a long body, can not replenish trace elements needed to grow from the water, can easily lead to the body's immune power drops.

Many parents think that "pure water" clean and safe than tap water, more suitable for children to drink. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. Pure water after reverse osmosis treatment, while filtering out harmful substances in the water, will also filter the potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals needed by the body, the water structure and function of the corresponding change occurred, there is a strong solvency, resulting in mineral elements within human cells reverse osmosis, demineralization caused by the phenomenon. Also we found that long-term drinking pure water easily lead to reduced enzyme activity, thus affecting the body's metabolic function. Such a water expert mentioned in the "Life Times" published article.

compared to adults, infants and children access to minerals relatively simple, in addition to food is water. Experts suggest that children must drink water good health. Healthy water to meet two points: first, there is no pollution, i.e., non-toxic, harmless, no smell; second, human nutrition and physiological functions meet the requirements that the water is neutral or slightly alkaline and contains a suitable amount of minerals and trace elements.

for parents, the best choice for a both to remove harmful substances in water, while retaining nanofiltration water purifier mineral elements beneficial for the children to create a healthy water environment.

碧水源纳滤净水机保留矿物质 呵护儿童健康成长

According to the reporter, the clean water source as the Chinese water industry influence listed companies, which lasted five years, Spent 300 million independently developed a new generation of low-pressure selective nanofiltration, can effectively filter the water of bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances, and chlorine, and appropriate to retain the body needs potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals elements, water safety and health, especially for the family has children, the elderly and pregnant women, families long-term use. Moreover, the clean water source nanofiltration water purification machines are divided into several types on the kitchen, under the hood, desktop, vertical, hanging, etc., can fully meet the families soup, cooking, vegetables, tea, drinking and other daily needs.

to protect drinking water health of thousands of Chinese families, so that "pure water" is no longer a pain in the healthy growth of children.

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