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高端全智能净水器时代来临 加盟来福斯普润让您轰动净水市场

to Fox Purun brand from Shenzhen to Fox Purun water purification equipment Limited was founded in 2014, Shenzhen City to Fox Purun water purification equipment R & D Co., Ltd. has designed and manufactured high-end water purifiers and pure water machine factory, R & D facility is located in the beautiful buildings D3 Kengzi Lung Ying Shenzhen Pingshan New District industrial Park exhibition. The company's profit to Vomp water purifier water purifier using the Company's access to national patent systems management filter and purity monitoring alarm systems, is committed to deep purification of drinking water, always pay attention to your health, your side of the net ! water experts

brand meaning:

blessing blessing -Life- -Life- life to life

Split Split Run Run -Spring- spring spring -Spring-

to Fox Purun - the fountain of life to Fox Purun - life in the spring

Fox Helprin to bring the fountain of life, life is like a spring day vibrant

Shenzhen to Fox Purun water purification equipment Co., Ltd., through years of research to Fox Puri water purifier has 24-hour monitoring of patents and intellectual purity filter management patents.

● create a water industry-leading intelligent management - purity alarm function, 24-hour monitoring of the purity of the patent, to ensure that users use to Fox Puri water purifier, water quality meet the national drinking water standard one hundred percent.

● create a filter water purification industry-leading intelligent management, bid farewell to filter the countdown management. Depending on the water quality of the region, each set their own a water filter cartridge, to ensure that each cartridge can be accurately prompt a replacement cycle.

● water industry to create a unique water flow counting function.

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