Bangdeng teach you the beauty trilogy

Bangdeng teach you the beauty trilogy Time: 2017-07-08 11:00:45 This is a beautiful period show off, take off the heavy coat, exposing leg, arm, or a smooth and delicate skin on the clavicle, what comparable makeup should be moving. Xiao Bian now see a lot of people obviously went on the road 20 years of age with 50 years of rough skin, wrinkles obviously faster when the grandmother who does not say no yet smooth and delicate, just because a home water softeners. When the turn of autumn and winter dry skin is often the time. If the skin is dry as it may not Mimi! How skin "Run"? Clogged pores, skin care products but also how to absorb? Is not every masquerade, feel very clean, but over time will grow pox, skin becomes more and more rough, it is difficult to absorb skin care products? We always used to find problems in makeup and cleansing products, but forgot the most important clean "water." Frequently with soap people have such an experience, in a basin with laundry soap, laundry washing tub inside edge of the circle appears rough soap scum, even if water washing, after the roughness can touch. Bath is the same, although the water will be washed every day, if not always clean, it will soon form a rough yellow water stains and scum. In fact, this is due to the hardness of the water caused by large. As the saying goes: a woman is made of water, one soil to support a party person. If long-term use of high water hardness, over time, have become beauty "Meinv." If cleaning with hard water remover to clean up properly, the passage of time cleaning supplies left over residue will gradually clog pores. This time even the best skin care products will not help, no matter how applied, the skin is still easy to dry rough. Sides of the nose, neck, elbow etc. where it is easy to accumulate keratin, both cover any lid. Only high-quality soft water to raise the water Lingling woman, stay beautiful. Soft water bath, the skin should not run dry! Think about those spring and summer halter dress cool beauty, then look dry, rough skin, it is not very upset? Do not worry, this is not small series come to your friends ~ Weapon soft water daily cleansing & bath, body moisture, the skin by age! Curious "soft" Why have such a magical effect Well? In fact, that simple and very simple, because we block the pores of the culprit - calcium and magnesium ions are eliminated. With water to soften the bath, only a small amount of cleaning products will produce a rich lather, rinse thoroughly and more, there will be no risk of residual substances. Just beautiful women with soft water and perhaps also some not accustomed to, because obviously did notUseful lotion, flushed skin, but particularly smooth, slide a kind of "no rinse body wash," the illusion. But this immediate change is caused by soft water Oh, if you insist on it, and soon it will improve your skin get into a "watch" to get the "feel" it! Soft support woman, beautiful trilogy! Soft water wash, beauty first step Since the soft water rich in organic minerals, having strong detergency, therefore, the use of soft water wash, pores can be thoroughly cleaned, free breathing, water and nutrient metabolism in smooth, it will slow down the aging facial skin becomes shiny and delicate, soft, flexible, no tight feeling. Soft shampoo, beauty second step soft water has to reduce and eliminate an itchy scalp and through the hair follicles lose effect, dandruff formation and development can be suppressed; and soft water with shampoo, hair loss can be prevented. For people who often hair, soft hair, more hair dye may extend the time attached to the hair, and easy to fade, fade. Soft water bath, beautiful third step Many women often skin allergies, it is often due to soaps, detergents, friction, wood, leather, irritating substances, due to dry air, but with soft water bath, can help you relieve skin dry, psoriasis, dandruff distress, restoring normal elasticity of the skin, but also your soft, shiny skin. Now do not go to the salon every day, and in a water softener home improvement, these troubles can be abandoned.