Air purifier will usher in the hot-selling autumn peak

With the advent of autumn, many users have already opened the air purifier, many users do not have an air purifier is also planned to buy. Many industry insiders estimate that this fall, the air purifier will soon usher in another wave of selling peak.


autumn selling air purifier will mark the peak selling (Photo from Internet)

consumers buy air purifiers become more rational

reporter recently visited a number of large supermarkets, appliance stores, advice and go buy air purifiers consumers increased significantly, according to store sales personnel, sales during the past month, the air cleaner than in previous months better. Among them, those marked in accordance with the new national standard production of air purifiers comparison by consumers, many users are doing the "homework." Come to buy air purifiers time, not only will ask for an area, but also shop around. Access to energy subsidies of air purifier brands sell better than some of the imported product, everyone has become more rational in the purchase of air purifiers such products.

In addition, the author found in a large store, in addition to domestic brands, some of the imported air purifiers have begun to do next online promotion. Also played "parity electricity supplier" slogan, the use of giveaways and promotions to attract consumers.

aspects of on-line electronic business platform, we found that the air purifier on Jingdong, Lynx and other platforms, there are many products during markdowns. It seems everyone wants in smog before coming to a good grasp of the market, in order to strive for greater sales market. Vendors online, air purifiers promotional activities under the line, not only conducive to the promotion of products, but also to better satisfy consumers more choice and convenience needs.

relevant industry analysis, said, air purifiers on the market can be said of the seasonal consumer products, its sales tend to peak in the second half of September to next March, purifier market volatility curve and the reason why Weather index closely, because Chinese consumers rational consumption concept has not yet fully formed, for the understanding of health appliances remains to be improved. As people become increasingly concerned about air quality and the health of their future buying air purifiers people will be more.

national brands to better understand the situation of domestic air

According to "Chinese water purification and air purification industry, consumer White Paper" shows that air purifiersProduct sales market this year is expected to reach 14 billion yuan, an increase of 19.3%, the market is out of the throes of a new national standard brings.

Since the air purifier new national standard published in turmoil ahead of the air purifier market, growth gradually return to rational from the explosive. Data show that in 2013 the outbreak of haze in the country, the amount of air purifiers retail sales year on year increase of 130.6% and 162.7%, respectively; with the gradual expansion of market size, volume of retail sales in 2014 air purifier sales an increase of 35.7% and 31.7% respectively; the affected early rapid expansion in all the chaos, such as the case of false advertising, the price artificially high, etc., so that consumers empty net purification effect skeptical, wait and see attitude, the empty net market growth in 2015 is slowing down; the first half of 2016, subject to the new national standard air purifier affect the industry as a whole has become more regular, air purifiers help the healthy and stable development.

2016 domestic release of air purifier new national standard formally implemented, which CARD, CCM, noise, energy efficiency rating of these four points in a test of performance standards and foreign brands. In addition, the introduction of standards to some extent, improve product quality. Compared to imported brands, domestic brands a better understanding of the domestic air pollution, the production of air purifiers are also more targeted.

Today, the air purifier market is brought out of the throes of a new national standard after the implementation. At the same time, domestic brands with R & D strength and overall strength is also on the rise. Future, domestic brands will be expected to reverse the unfavorable state of the market, to win the trust of consumers, to become a true self-reliance domestic products. (Source: HC purification network)